A Guide to Secure your eCommerce Website with an SSL Certificate

Last updated: January 24, 2022


Over the past decade, consumers have made a massive shift towards conventional modes; online marketplace. This boom in eCommerce has raised security concerns, accentuating the importance of SSL Certificates acquired from a renowned SSL Certificate provider. This piece deals with all you need to know about SSL Certificates and their significance for shielding your eCommerce website.

An eCommerce site holds an immense amount of client information that is sensitive. This makes it susceptible to cyber-attacks and mischievous cyber activities. To safeguard your eCommerce website and its different components from any form of cyber threat, it is essential to ensure security through the widely popular SSL Certificates.

Let’s quickly dive-in and understand in detail about SSL Certificates and their need for your eCommerce website.

SSL Certificate: An Introduction

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a digital certificate that enables encrypted connection and provides digital safety to an eCommerce website. It is the capability of this certificate to make sure that the data being transmitted is encrypted. SSL Certificate is a global standard safety technology that reduces the risk of tampering with sensitive information. This includes the credit or debit card numbers, passwords, electronic mails of the users. This certificate ensures the communication remains only between two conscious parties.

The SSL Certificate will enhance the security by indicating a sign of padlock, which is considered a significant signal to check while exploring an eCommerce website. The presence of this certificate will also imply whether the site is simply HTTP or HTTPS. It is a widely used tool nowadays, especially in the online market.


What is the need for an SSL certificate?

Even if you do not use your eCommerce website for online transactions, it is still essential for you to have an SSL Certificate. It is not only the financial information like bank account details, credit or debit card numbers at risk. The subsidiary information also attracts cybercriminals. It is easy for them to exploit information such as usernames and passwords, private data such as names, residential addresses, date of birth, and email.

Here, we have outlined the top reasons why an SSL Certificate is of utmost importance to an eCommerce website.

Safe transactions: The sensitive end-user information remains safe through SSL Certificates as this information goes through several computers to reach the endpoint.

Helps build trust: SSL Certificates from a trusted SSL Certificate provider will present visual icons and bars representing security. This will build the confidence of the user on your website. Now-a- days, users look for Wildcard SSL Certificate to confirm the security levels of the website.

Secure information: An online business collects, stores, retrieves a whole lot of information regularly, which is essential for the company to grow. To protect all of this data, it is vital to have an SSL Certificate.

Improves Google ranking: Almost every online business aims to secure a good Google ranking. The websites with no SSL protection are indicated as unsecure by Google. An online business can achieve SEO through these certificates as Google provides a boost to HTTPS sites in minute amounts.

Which is the Best SSL for you?

With a variety of options available in the market, it can be a challenging task for you to find the right SSL Certificate. Some of the trusted SSL Certificate providers are GeoTrust, DigiCert, Comodo. It is advisable to select an SSL Certificate with a variety of features within the cost. One can explore these options for finding the right one for their website.

  • Single domain Certificates: It provides security to a single domain or subdomain name.
  • Wildcard SSL Certificates: It provides security to a single domain name and numerous subdomain names. Wildcard SSL Certificates are widely popular and are available easily at pocket-friendly prices in the market.
  • Multi-domain Certificates: It provides security to several domain names.

What are the steps to obtain an SSL certificate?

It is simple now to obtain an SSL Certificate through these steps:

1. Step-in with a domain name: An eCommerce website must have a proper domain name and hosting service to get an SSL certificate. With more eCommerce platforms having an SSL certificate, the internet would be a comparably safer place.

2. Finding the right SSL Certificate provider: One can easily find an SSL Certificate provider as per their budget. There are many options available in the market for cheap SSL certificates.

3. Purchasing and activation of the SSL certificates: Once you have found the suitable SSL Certificate provider, you can pay the sum amount and buy it. Further, it requires configuration for activation. For activation, a Certificate Signing Request is generated, which leads to receiving your SSL Certificate on your personal mail.

4. Installing the certificate: After receiving the certificate, the last step is to install it. This can be accomplished on any server of your choice. The process is straightforward and can also be done on your own or through the SSL Certificate provider's help. This step ensures the complete security of your eCommerce website.


For achieving growth and ensuring the security of your business at the same time, it is essential to include the present-day encryption technology into it. The presence of an SSL Certificate helps you achieve strong rapport in the market and will attract the consumers towards the safer option being provided by you. It will prevent any breach in security and protect your users and your website contents in the best possible way.

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