The Ultimate List of Cyber Security Monitoring Tools

Last updated: August 16, 2021


In 2021, data is the soul of any system, whether it is hardware or software. When it comes to implementing cloud-based solutions, ensuring data security is of utmost importance. As more and more business processes are getting impersonal and digitized, the risk of cyber-attacks and fraud keeps increasing. Organizations cannot afford to have their data stolen, accessed, or changed in an unauthorized manner. 

Using cloud-based software platforms requires constant data monitoring to ensure the privacy and security of your data. This helps you in protecting data collected from customers/clients as well as the data pertaining to your own organization. Cloud security monitoring helps you in making sure that your valuable database is safe from threats such as Malware, Ransomware, Phishing, Social Engineering, and many more.

Cybersecurity monitoring tools keep an eye on your systems, detect threats, and alert you about the same in real-time. As opposed to on-premise security monitoring, cloud security monitoring makes use of advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, and seamless process automation to reduce human interference in keeping your system secure.

If you are planning to invest in implementing an ideal cloud security monitoring tool, here are some of the best options you can choose from:


Cloudlytics is a highly preferred cloud security monitoring tool by organizations across the board, irrespective of the industry they belong to and the scale at which they operate. The tool ensures complete data compliance within your system helps you mitigate the crises that may threaten the security of your database.

Cloudlytics provides users with four major solutions – Compliance Manager, Event Analytics, AWS well-architected Review, and Cloud Intelligence Engine.

The Compliance Manager helps users in making sure that they adhere to all data compliance requirements at all times. The platform monitors the system steadily to identify, prioritize, and remediate compliance threats before your data security gets affected.

Through Event Analytics, Cloudlytics allows users to develop highly secure cloud-based applications. Through big data analytics and machine learning functionality, the platform gauges potential threats before your database is attacked. 

AWS well-architected Review is designed to analyze your AWS environment through a robust framework that ensures security, reliability, optimization, and efficiency of performance. 

Through the Cloud Intelligence Engine, Cloudlytics allows users to keep a track of their cloud resources, their configuration, and keep a note of changes made to these configurations. 

The cloud security monitoring platform provides all these services to the users in three distinct editions – Essential ($249/month), Advance ($349/month), and Enterprise (customized quote). It also comes with a limited free trial for 14 days.


Intruder is an ideal cloud security monitoring tool for small and medium enterprises. It is essentially a network vulnerability scanner that allows users to identify security weaknesses and loopholes within your system to prevent the threat of data breaches. The tool is aimed at helping organizations save time in security monitoring and concentrate on the core business issues.

Intruder allows you to identify and mitigate more than 9,000 security vulnerabilities within your system to keep your data protected. It provides users to conduct unlimited scans (on demand) and handle unlimited user accounts on a centralized platform. This one-stop solution is designed to automate and streamline data security processes with minimal human interference.

SolarWinds Security Event Manager

This network and host detection tool is designed to provide data security and compliance services to small, medium, and large enterprises. It provides a range of features to users such as real-time security monitoring, responding, and reporting of security threats to make sure that your database is secure. Its well-indexed log search capabilities are the key highlights of the scalable security monitoring tool. 

Its advanced threat intelligence is continuously updated to ensure that the users always avail of state-of-the-art security functionality. The features of Event Manager and Security Information allow users to undertake regular system scans and identify threats that put the security of their data at risk.

Moreover, it provides you with an extensive list of integrated reporting tools that provide you with real-time security alerts and log files to keep a track of cloud security processes.


Syxsense is the cloud security monitoring tool that provides users with extensive patch management, security scanning, and threat remediation features on a centralized platform. A single endpoint security solution helps users in identifying and stopping security threats in real-time to keep the system private and secure.

Syxsense performs thorough scans of your system in search of vulnerabilities. The security scanner provides users with valuable insights to prevent cyberattacks. Also, the scanner monitors the antivirus status, data security implementation, and authorization to ensure data privacy and security.

To prevent malicious threats from spreading to the entire system, the tool “quarantines” the infected devices. This involves blocking all communication from the infected device with the internet to isolate the endpoint. 

Suitable for businesses operating at all scales, the price of the cloud security monitoring tool starts at $960 for 10 devices.

Sparta Antivirus

Sparta antivirus is an ideal security monitoring tool for removing malware and fixing your device with a single click. The tool makes use of advanced AI technology to keep your system environment clean from all vulnerabilities and potential threats. 

Apart from preventing malware attacks and optimizing your system to leverage your security processes, Sparta Antivirus helps you detect and block cyberattacks, providing you with extensive reports for the same. 


Vipre provides enhanced cybersecurity monitoring services for both personal and professional use. It helps users in protecting their systems against ransomware, identity theft, and viruses that may compromise data security and privacy.

In order to help businesses keep their data secure, Vipre provides extensive email and endpoint security features with real-time threat intelligence. Supported on Windows and Mac devices, the tool provides layered protection to business enterprises with simplified solutions and scalable prices.

Vipre can be purchased with three distinct pricing plans – Core Defense ($96/user/year), Edge Defense ($96/user/year), and Complete Defense ($144/user/year). 


LifeLock is the cloud security monitoring tool specialized in detecting identity theft and other relevant threats. It provides users with a centralized platform to keep user identity, online privacy, and all connected devices secure. 

LifeLock can be used effectively to resolve identity theft issues via identity restoration agents. According to the limit of the plan purchased, the tool detects the theft and reimburses the amount stolen due to identity theft.

LifeLock also provides users with a range of features such as ID verification, dark web monitoring, fictitious identity monitoring, cloud backup, parental control, virus protection, ad-tracker/blocker, and much more.

Moreover, the security solution comes with Norton antivirus, allowing you to block sensitive information while using public Wi-Fi through a secure VPN. Also, it provides 24/7 live member support to obtain a personalized resolution of issues faced by the users.

The services of LifeLock can be availed in four distinct plans – Standard ($7.99/month for the first year), Select ($7.99/month for the first year) Advantage ($14.99/month for the first year), and Ultimate Plus ($20.99/month for the first year). Monthly plans can also be availed of by organizations based on their specific requirements.

If you are willing to try its functionality, LifeLock comes with a limited free trial for 30 days.

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security provides users with multi-layer ransomware protection and ransomware remediation along with Network Threat Protection. 

It provides a range of advanced features, including real-time data protection, advanced data threat defense, web attack prevention, Anti-fraud, and Rescue Mode. 

The cloud security monitoring tool can be purchased for $42.99/month. Users can download it for a period of one year for 5 devices at the rate of $24.99/month. The tool comes with a free trial of 30 days.

The Final Word

Cloud security monitoring has become a necessity to ensure data security, privacy, and compliance. It is always advisable to compare the features and prices of multiple tools before making the final decision.

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