Should you Hire a Security Guard for Your Home?

Last updated: December 6, 2022


While security guards and officers are meant to add an extra layer of security to premises, there are more dimensions to it. 

What are the pros and cons of hiring security guards? A well-trained security guard can protect your home effectively if you have a wide-spread property or are away from your home most of the time. They are also effective when there is a prevalent threat to the house or its residents. However, security guards are only an extra expense if employed for regular security of your home, which a security system can cover. They can also attract unwanted attention from burglars to the property simply by their presence, indicating the house has valuables worth the effort.

We have talked to security experts, who have discussed the pros and cons of hiring security guards for your home. While some weigh in favor of hiring security guards, others lean towards security systems for regular use, with security guards only needed in special circumstances.

Security Guards are Expensive and Draw Unwanted Attention

“We are regularly contacted about supplying security guards for home premises, this is something we would never advise for a variety of reasons. From a customer perspective, security guards would be too costly in comparison to the protection they provide, it would be much more effective to have a home security system installed with cameras, electronic alarm systems and various other appliances. It also may attract unwanted attention having a guard patrolling your home, in highly residential areas it is very difficult to provide discreet guarding solutions leading to your house potentially being targeted when there is no guard there. Finally, Guards are trained to notice, write down and potentially report any oddities in a given day, this could be suspicious people on site or certain assets potentially missing. On a residential property, the only thing they would be there to prevent would be a burglary and in most cases guards are trained to leave any dangerous situations up to the local authorities, effectively giving them the same use as an automated alarm system.”

Jessica Keys, Head of Security Operations, Region Security Guarding

Security Systems Cover all Measures, Security Guards are Effective for Immediate Action

“Security systems like ADT or Frontpoint give you security measures for your entire home. Although the in-person protection of a security guard is great for immediate action in the face of a security issue, the guard can only have their eyes on so many parts of your home. With a comprehensive security package, your home security will give top-notch protection to every area of your house. Choosing a home security package also gives you control over how you’re protecting your home. When hiring a security guard, it can be tough to ensure that their skills are reputable. With a home security system, you can do ample research and gain a strong understanding of the security measures you are putting in place in your home. And with many different security systems on the market, it is very easy to find the package that is right for you.”

Kristen Bolig, Founder of SecurityNerd 

Security Guards Can Deter Potential Criminals

“Yes, you should hire a security guard for your home, if you can afford it. Hiring a security guard for your home can dramatically reduce the risk of break-ins and property theft. A well-trained and certified security guard will serve as an active deterrent, which can certainly help to protect your home and family. Burglars and package thieves typically look for the path of least resistance, so they often think twice when met with any type of deterrent, especially active deterrents. It’s common for celebrities, sports stars, and other wealthy people to have a private security system, with  guards monitoring their homes 24/7. If there’s an attempted burglary, police can be dispatched immediately since it’s a “verified” crime-in-progress.”

Rob Gabriele, Lead Home Security Expert and Managing Editor of

Security Guards Needed Only For Special or Unusual Circumstances

“With the variety and effectiveness of smart home security nowadays, it would seem prudent to only hire a security guard for your home for special or unusual circumstances which would necessitate human interaction. These situations would include screening wedding crashers or protecting your family if they have been threatened. This could also include hiring a security guard to do a periodic patrol of your property for your peace of mind if the property will be unoccupied for a large amount of time. Otherwise, security equipment such as cameras and alarms can be set up in and around the home. Doing this will save you on the cost of hiring a security guard. It could also save money on home insurance. Smart home devices such as the Nest Secure Alarm System or a Ring Video Doorbell can qualify you for a smart home insurance discount. For example, Liberty Mutual has teamed up with Vivint to offer a discount on the theft portion of its homeowners’ insurance policy for customers who use the smart home system, which includes a sophisticated camera system indoors and out, burglary detection and smart locks, centralized controls for lighting, and a smartphone app for remote accessibility.”

Karen Condor is a home safety expert with

Don’t Hire a Security Officer Unless There is a Specific Need

“The simple answer is, unless you have millions of dollars of ‘stealable’ throughout the house (jewelry, fine art, computers, etc.) there is absolutely no need to hire a security officer. If you’re paranoid and you’ve the money, then do it.  But generally, unless there is a specific need, like the threat of murder or kidnapping, there is literally no need for it.”

Robert Sollars has been in the security field for nearly 40 years and is the Owner of Sollars Violence Prevention Training & Consulting

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