How Much Does Ring Wired Doorbell Installation Cost

Last updated: December 1, 2022


Doorbells have long been an important component of home security systems. It is prudent to install the best security system available. A good security system includes everything from security cameras to wireless motion sensors and doorbells. 

A Ring wired doorbell is known to be one of the best doorbells available in the market today. At only $119 to $499, this Wi-Fi-enabled device can provide real-time updates via smartphone notification and has a two-way audio feature. This enables you to speak to anyone at your door without opening the door. Installing this device, however, is a tricky task. You need to hire a professional to ensure your Ring wired doorbell is installed properly.

To learn more about how much Ring wired doorbell installation costs, find out why you need one and what factors affect the costs.

Why You Should Get A Ring Wired Doorbell

Ring Wired Doorbell

Whether you are at home often or not, a Ring wired doorbell is a useful security gadget for your home. Its security camera, capable of 1080p resolution, can allow you to spot a possible burglar entering your property. 

In the event of theft or vandalism, the recorded footage can be used as evidence. The Ring wired doorbell offers cloud services and storage for a very low price; you won’t have to worry about running out of storage space. 

If you’re a parent, you can track when your kids or pets enter and exit your home from wherever and whenever you like with its Wi-Fi capabilities. Ring wired doorbell includes all the essential security features you need in a video doorbell device — HD video and two-way talk, motion detection, real-time alerts, chime, and Amazon Alexa compatibility. 

What Are The Factors Affecting Ring Wired Doorbell Installation Costs

The cost of installing a Ring doorbell is determined by a variety of factors. Here are a few things to take note of:

Doorbell Type 

Ring doorbells are available in the market in a variety of models. Some devices are wired, whereas others are battery-powered and wireless. The power requirements of a certain video doorbell device will decide whether or not a new wiring configuration is required. To avoid unnecessary installation expenses, consult with a professional installer or electrician.

Labor Costs

If you are unsure how to install your Ring doorbell device, you should consult an electrician or a professional installer. They can inspect the condition of your existing wiring. If there are no issues, they can swiftly connect your new Ring doorbell and test it to ensure it works properly. 

Don’t worry; the average installation cost for a Ring wired doorbell is comparable to a regular doorbell installation. Some stores offer free installation if you purchase your Ring wired doorbell from them, so be sure to consider that.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Ring Wired Doorbell

Ring Wired Doorbell Installation Cost

Installing a Ring wired doorbell in your house will require technical knowledge and skills. If you plan to hire an electrician, it will normally cost approximately $260 to install one of these sleek, contemporary wired doorbells. 

Your current wiring will be examined by the electrician to make sure it can support the Ring doorbell. The electrician will need to investigate if the doorbell is not functioning. It frequently results from a bad switch, a burned-out transformer, or poor wiring.

Professional Ring Wired Doorbell Installation Cost 

If you hire an electrician to install your doorbell, you should expect to pay by the hour. However, keep in mind that there is really no exact amount for a Ring wired doorbell installation. The majority of your costs, aside from the doorbell itself, will be labor-related.

Electrician labor rates vary depending on where you live, who you hire, and the current demand. Labor should cost between $100 and $250 on average to install your new doorbell. This includes connecting the power supply to an existing electrical receptacle, routing any necessary new wiring, and mounting the doorbell. 

Your doorbell should also be connected to your overall home security system by the electrician. They will also test it to ensure that it is operationally sound. Cleanup should be factored into your labor costs as well.

DIY Ring Wired Doorbell Installation Cost

You could try to set up your Ring wired doorbell yourself. Most doorbells come with detailed installation and wiring instructions, but if you’re not experienced with wiring, it may be best to hire a professional. 

If you wire something incorrectly by accident, it could lead to problems that will cost you more money in the long term. In addition, some wireless doorbell warranties may get voided if not installed by a professional electrician. It’s up to you if you want to try to install it yourself, but if you’re unsure, it’s best to hire a professional electrician.

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