Top 3 Personal Tasers For Protection

Last updated: October 1, 2023


Although there has always been a need for self-defense and self-protection, the recent wave of gun violence has caused a spike in demand for personal safety kits and gadgets

The right to life, which is the most fundamental human right, is in danger due to gun violence. It is a tragedy that claims the lives of more than 500 people every day. The fear of gun violence and the desire to protect oneself against it led people to take their personal security and safety seriously. Hence, non-lethal self-defense weapons, such as tasers and stun guns, have become quite popular nowadays. 

If you are interested in purchasing personal tasers, learn more about our top picks from the Taser brand in this article. 

How Do Personal Tasers Work

When deployed on targets, Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology, like tasers, is intended to deliver a mild shock. They are also referred to as non-lethal or less-lethal electroshock weapons since they are less likely to cause fatalities, unlike guns.

When the darts are shot and hit the target, the assailant’s body locks up, immobilizing the person for a period of time known as “neuromuscular incapacitation.” Generally, a taser delivers 19 short electrical pulses per second over 5 seconds, with an average current of 2 milliamps.

This is how taser electronic control devices work. The circuit formed by the two probes interferes with electrical signals traveling through the body, resulting in uncontrollable muscle contractions. During this time, the attacker is rendered immobile for at least a few seconds up to a few minutes. You could use this window of opportunity to flee for safety.  

How Tasers Compare To Handguns

Unlike handguns, tasers are non-lethal weapons designed to incapacitate aggressors without causing permanent damage or harm. Because the taser operates on a high voltage and low amperage, similar to stun guns, it produces a stunning effect without seriously harming the target. 

While there have been a few instances of taser guns causing fatalities, these were due to the aggressor’s prior medical condition, which was frequently heart-related. Otherwise, tasers and stun guns are non-lethal weapons.

Best Tasers For Self-Defense

Personal tasers are great self-defense tools because they are much more affordable, less legally regulated, and more compact. Here are our top picks for the best tasers that are available in the market today:

Taser Bolt 2

Taser Bolt 2

The Taser Bolt 2 energy weapon is one of the newest civilian self-defense devices. It can deliver up to 30 seconds of debilitating shock and full lockup from up to 15 feet away. This allows you to keep a safe space between you and your attacker and enough time to run away.  However, you can also use Taser Bolt 2 in close encounters with its contact stun feature, similar to a stun gun. 

When paired with the Axon Protect app, this device can also alert emergency dispatch when your device is fired. 

Taser Pulse

Taser Pulse

This device is an effective yet less-lethal self-defense tool that can immobilize assailants for up to 30 seconds. Similar to those used by law enforcement officers, the Taser Pulse carries a 15” replaceable cartridge capable of releasing 50,000 volts to a target. Aside from being compact (only weighing 0.5 lbs), it is also durable as it is built with high-impact polymer. This ensures that this device is extremely functional while having a comfortable and textured grip. 

Similar to the Taser Bolt 2, the Taser Pulse also has a 15-foot effective range and a contact stun feature for close encounters. 

Taser Professional Series X2

Taser Professional Series X2

Unlike other taser units mentioned above, the Taser X2 is equipped with a double-shot feature. This allows you to fire a second shot in case of a missed one without the need for a manual reload. Additionally, it also comes with a built-in laser that enhances your accuracy by allowing you to pinpoint where the darts would exactly hit the target. 

The Taser X2 is designed to incapacitate a target with 50,000 volts for 5 seconds in each cycle. It is equally powerful at night with its LED flashlight located at the front end of the device. However, the only drawback to this unit is its price, nearly double the price of the other personal tasers mentioned. 

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