Oriental tales of the UAE: Dubai – Isn’t it a wonderful place for your future house?

Last updated: October 3, 2021


When autumn begins, the desire to drop everything and go to a place where the sun does not have a weekend comes to mind more and more often. Walk barefoot along the coast, looking back at your footprints in the wet sand, and listening to the rustle of palm leaves in the warm wind. Do not deny yourself your desires, and may the country of your choice please you not only with the weather! It can please you with your own property. You can find your own property for sale in Palm Jumeirah or find other areas of your preferences. 

Wake up in a cloud-soft bed with the sun on your cheeks. Sip aromatic morning coffee on the beach with your feet buried in the hot sand. And then cruise all day from the turquoise sea to a cozy sun lounger in the shade of spreading palm trees.

Or another scenario: start the day with a massage in a comfortable SPA, then dine on spicy couscous in one of the best restaurants in the world, and in the evening raid the huge shopping malls – go all out with a credit card in your pocket.

Or this is another must-have for romantics: take a small sailboat, stock up on a basket of fresh fruit and catch the sunset – scarlet as pomegranate seeds.

Actually, what are we all about? Oddly enough but about the United Arab Emirates. But first things first.

Dubaiversus Sharjah 

When you are trying to find some interesting facts about the UAE, you will definitely find a lot of articles about Dubai but there are many other beautiful places in the UAE. 

If it happens that you are tired from Dubai, though it is impossible, you can take 13 km from Dubai and get into absolutely another life. If you go to Dubai to be surprised, then go to Sharjah to admire. This emirate is famous for its stunning nature: there is a wild desert, an endless coast, and winding mountain ranges. Life here is different – going to this emirate, you make a choice in favor of exhibitions and historical sights.

Visitors prefer museums to bustling restaurants and nightclubs here. In a historical museum, for example, tourists are offered virtual travel to many centuries ago. Well, for more serious connoisseurs of culture and traditions there is an excursion to the King Faisal Mosque. Sharjah will also appeal to those who love to shop: it is famous for its markets.

You can buy literally everything in Sharjah – from carpets and antiques to fresh fish and vegetables. And there are so many traditional Arab souvenirs that friends can be left without gifts at all – it is simply impossible to make a choice.

After all, returning back to your cozy apartment in Dubai, you do not have to rush anywhere – just sit on the balcony of your room and watch the circular sun disc slowly disappear over the horizon. It is so nice just not to rush anywhere. 

We will help you make the right choice

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