7 Signs Your Business Requires Pressure Washing Services


Suppose you work in commercial real estate or own commercial buildings. In that case, you may require pressure washing services more frequently than you realize. Pressure washing your buildings at least once a year helps maintain their beauty and attractiveness.

Pressure washing is the process of removing mold, dust, and filth off surfaces such as buildings, automobiles, and concrete surfaces with a high-pressure water spray.

A pressure washer is used to clean roofs, driveways, gutters, parking lots, and other surfaces. Businesses and homeowners use pressure washing to eliminate allergies, reduce risks, and improve the appearance of their buildings. Due to its powerful work, a pressure washer can be quite dangerous in the hands of a novice. It is advisable to employ professional pressure washing services to handle the job. For more resources regarding pressure washing, please click visit website for additional information. You won’t be disappointed!

When Should You Get Your Business Pressure Washed?

 It would be best to consider getting your buildings pressure washed when you notice some things going on in your surroundings.

Here are seven signs that your business requires pressure washing services:

Blocked Gutters

When gutters get clogged, they cannot adequately guide water away from your building, resulting in water damage to your external walls and foundation. If you notice your gutters are blocked with trash, leaves, and other debris, it is time to get a pressure washing service.

Roof Changing Color

Dirt and debris on your roof foster the formation of mold, mildew, moss, and algae, which can shorten your roof’s lifespan. Algae causes the unattractive black lines you notice on your roof, which can eat away at and damage it. Mold can also be a health threat if it gets into your attic. These dangerous growths can be effectively removed using a mild washing procedure that does no damage to your roof.

Stained and Dirty Windows

Pollen, car exhaust, and anything blown about in the wind might get caught in your windows and cling to the glass. It can cause molds and mildew to grow and stain your windows.

Pressure washing is the most effective method of cleaning windows if done correctly. Since windows are delicate, any mishap in the pressure washer operation can lead to major problems such as window breakage or other damage. You should pick a reputable pressure cleaning company to care for your windows.

Dirty Parking Lot

Parking lots get easily dirty due to constant exposure to natural elements and daily foot and vehicle traffic. When entering your establishment, it is one of the customers’ first things; thus, a filthy parking lot might give your company a bad reputation. Your parking lot will be thoroughly cleaned by pressure washing.

Loose Paint and Mold

Rainfall and other sources of moisture create mold, mildew, and the breakdown of your building’s Paint. A pressure washing service is needed when you notice loose paints and mildews forming at the side of your building.

Increased Energy Costs

Suppose the outer sections of your building are coated with filth and algae, causing temperatures to fluctuate. In that case, the insulation of your home may be affected. It implies that your air conditioners will have to work overtime to keep you comfortable, reducing their lifespan and increasing your energy bills. Your lower energy costs will mitigate the cost of a pressure washing service.

Insects Building Homes

Cobwebs or hornet nests on the exterior of your building could indicate that it has been neglected. You certainly don’t want spiders to gain access to your offices and spin their webs there. Insects often like to build their webs high in the air, and you’ll need a pressure cleaning service to get rid of them.

Are Pressure Washing Services Necessary?

You may wonder why you should engage in a professional pressure washing when you can clean it yourself. It is a valid question. But keep in mind that while you can get a beginner-friendly pressure washer, not all pressure washers can thoroughly clean the surface.

Getting your buildings pressure washed by a competent pressure washing business will help you restore your property’s original beauty while avoiding the accidents that will always arise when using an unskilled user.

Here are the reasons why pressure washing is important for your business:

Improves Appearance

Attractive buildings are good for business. It will attract clients and increase your chances of being a popular pick. It proves to clients and business partners that you put effort into maintaining exquisite offices.

Creates a Less Toxic Environment

Toxic compounds are generally abrasive, and their odor and effect on the environment can remain. Take, for example, bleach, which has a strong odor. Chemicals can also harm the appearance of your business space by peeling paints away, and any residue left behind could sink into furniture or carpets. Since pressure washing services utilize water, you can eliminate the use of harmful chemicals around your building.

Mishaps are Controlled

Pressure washing is not only beneficial in keeping your structures pristine clean. It can also efficiently clean up oil or paint spills, ensuring that no further damage to the environment or your business occurs.

It Saves Money

Professionals recommend that pressure washing be done only once or twice a year. Cleaning less frequently means you’re not spending more money on cleaning, and you’re not spending extra money on other hidden costs. You also do not need to buy a pressure washer.

Guarantee the safety of your light fixtures and windows

A pressure washer can seriously harm glass windows and delicate outdoor sconces. Furthermore, suppose you employ the wrong approach. In that case, you risk removing your exterior Paint or causing lasting damage to your home’s exterior, especially if it’s an older home.

If you engage their services, ask a specialist for advice on which services are safe to use. They’ll clean with care to avoid harming or damaging any of your priceless things.

How much does it cost to pressure wash a building?

Pressure washing a house costs between $450 and $800 on average, according to Fixr. Most individuals spend around $625 for two hours of labor to pressure wash a 2,000 square foot home, including all labor, equipment, and other materials. On the low end, a basic pressure cleaning job on a 900 square foot house may cost as little as $270. On the high end, some homeowners pay as much as $1000 for a 2500 square foot brick home to be pressure washed, which takes hours.

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