3 Best Car Accessories With Laser Motion Sensors

Last updated: December 4, 2022


Technology, notably laser-based distance-measuring technology, is critical in developing self-driving vehicles. The popularity of self-driving cars has skyrocketed, and lidar was expected to become as ubiquitous as windshield wipers. 

Lidar allows self-driving vehicles to detect surrounding objects by shooting laser pulses and light photons that interact with the surrounding surfaces they encounter. This allows the vehicle to navigate a specific area with ease autonomously. 

Laser motion sensors and laser scanners are extensively used in the automobile industry for things such as quality assurance, testing and measurement applications, and autonomous parking. Some modern units of cars come with built-in laser motion sensors. 

These devices, however, are still available as accessories for older models of cars. Discover our top picks for the best laser motion sensor car accessories below.

How Do Laser Motion Sensors Work?

A laser motion sensor is an electronic device that detects an item’s presence, absence, or distance by using a focused light beam. Unlike the other types of motion sensors that function through radiation, this sensor emits a little bright dot of light, comparable to a laser pointer. This dot is bright enough to be seen even in direct sunlight.

The light travels from the sensor to the object. The light is then reflected back to the sensor by the object. The sensor calculates how long the light traveled to and from the object to determine the distance.

The motion sensor, through its system, warns the driver with acoustic tones indicating the object’s distance, faster tones implying closer proximity, and a continuous tone indicating a minimal pre-defined distance. Other systems may also include visual aids for the driver, such as LED or LDC readouts to indicate object proximity.  

Application Of Laser Motion Sensors In Cars

A car parking alert system, also called “parking aid,” is a modern innovation that assists many drivers when parking their cars in tight spaces. This system mainly comprises laser motion sensors, controllers, and displays. 

It helps the driver navigate better as parking sensors allow them to “see” the invisible things in the rearview mirror, and inform them of any obstacles around their vehicle by sound or display. 

Top Car Accessories With Laser Motion Sensors

In ten years, choosing the best laser motion sensor may not be an issue because most automobiles will likely already have them installed at the factory.

Today, though, such is not the case. Many of us today drive older models without this technology, and we might need assistance parking them in tight spaces.

1. Zone Tech Car Backup Radar System

Zone Tech Car Backup Radar System
  • Clear LED Display
  • Weatherproof 
  • 4 laser motion sensors installed in the rear bumper
  • Double CPU and advanced chipset for enhanced coverage

Zone Tech is known around the world for high-quality car accessories and excellent customer service. This Zone Tech car reverse system is made of high-quality components for maximum durability and lifespan. The radar system is totally waterproof thanks to its adaptive environment technology.

High-quality components protect the radar system, while protective circuits keep the unit from overloading or overheating. Installation is simple as well; just drill four holes into your back bumper and mount the sensor. 

The Zone Tech Car Backup Radar also has a built-in twin CPU and cutting-edge chipset, which offer improved detection and coverage, alerting you to dangers like low walls or young children.

DurableNo volume control for the audio warning
Easy installationNon-rubberized edges for the sensors
InexpensiveShort wires

2. Maxsa Park Right Garage Laser

  • Class IIIA Laser
  • Dual lasers 
  • 6V AC Adapter
  • Automatic switching off when laser not in use

The Maxsa Park Right Garage Laser is a product that is equipped with powerful dual lasers capable of guiding two vehicles at the same time. It has two adjustable laser beams that can tell precisely where to stop to park perfectly. This device’s laser motion sensors meet the highest safety and performance requirements.

Additionally, its motion sensors can pick up movement to 10 feet away, allowing you to navigate tight garages easily. The Maxsa Part Right Garage Laser boasts easy installation that is AC-powered and requires no wiring. 

Easy to use Limited adjustment angles
Wide effective rangeNon-rechargeable batteries
Simple installationRequires calibration with the vehicle

3. Zone Tech Garage Parking Assist

Zone Tech Garage Parking Assist
  • Dual lasers
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Class IIIA lasers
  • 360-degree alteration

The Zone Tech Garage Parking Assist is one of the most high-tech parking assistance devices available in the market today. It features 2 Class IIIA-certified lasers capable of 360-degree alteration. 

This guarantees that regardless of vehicle position or garage size, this device’s laser motion sensors will be able to hit the stamp each time. Additionally, the motion sensors can identify the movement of up to 10 feet.

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