How To Choose Home Alarm Systems With Cameras

Last updated: December 13, 2022


Security experts say that cameras can play an important supporting role in providing security solutions for homes. Still, camera security equipment is generally not included in most companies’ basic home alarm packages. Typically, the core components of a home alarm system include smart home devices such as door and window sensors to detect unwanted entries, motion sensors, smoke alarms, a loud siren, and the ability to communicate with a remote monitoring team. However, many consumers are interested in outdoor surveillance cameras that can provide an extra layer of security at the points of entry into the house.

This information will give you a detailed understanding of the pros and cons of home security cameras, their cost, and what to expect during a security camera consultation if you are looking for an outdoor security camera system.

Choosing A Home Alarm System With Cameras

Here are some steps to follow when choosing home alarm systems with cameras:

Consider Your Needs

Many people may be satisfied with a doorbell camera. Several security companies offer this relatively low-cost option with a built-in motion sensor that records when someone approaches your door. Despite their narrow field of view, video doorbells use the same wiring as your existing doorbell. A weatherproof outdoor surveillance camera designed to work in rain and snow is the best choice if you want a wide-angle view beyond the door. Some wired options are available, but most can be installed by DIYers wirelessly.

Decide On Video Storage

Memory cards or limited storage are included with some security cameras, but you may need more. Some smart home security systems offer free cloud storage, and you can purchase more if you need it. In case of a break-in or the absence of a live alert, stored video footage can be an excellent source of evidence to provide to police. It is common for cameras to be activated by built-in motion detectors to conserve storage space.

Consider Privacy

Video is typically stored in the cloud by most security cameras. However, any internet-connected camera can be hacked, creating a privacy risk. To determine the risks, ask about the security protocols used by the home security company.

Top 3 Home Alarm Systems With Cameras

The following are some of the best home alarm systems currently available from industry-leading security providers.

1. SimpliSafe

A rechargeable battery that lasts for three to six months on a single charge can play an important role in helping to secure a home. Most home alarm packages do not include cameras. The rating gives SimpliSafe a battery life twice as long as its competitors, including Cove, whose outdoor camera can last up to two months between charges. A siren with an 80-decibel volume is also included with SimpliSafe’s outdoor camera.

Full-color images are displayed in the motion-activated spotlight mode of the camera, while black-and-white images are displayed in the standard mode. A digital zoom of up to eight times is available for crisp and sharp images, and you can see objects up to 30 feet away. Dust and water resistance is also important feature of SimpliSafe’s camera.

Furthermore, SimpliSafe’s professional and self-monitoring plans include unlimited camera recording.

2. Vivint Smart Home

With its 55-foot night vision range, Vivint Smart Home’s outdoor camera has a longer range than anyone else in our rating, including Frontpoint’s 49-foot low-light range outdoor camera. In addition to requiring professional installation, Vivint’s camera also costs more. Two-way audio, echo cancellation, and 10x digital zoom are among its features. It connects via a hybrid Wi-Fi and wired connection.

Unlike SimpliSafe’s spotlight, Vivint’s camera features a red LED ring light and 85-decibel siren if someone lingers too long on your property. With some outdoor cameras in our ratings, such as those from Link Interactive and Cove, you’ll need to purchase an SD card separately, while Vivint’s camera has one built in. The IP65-rated camera from Vivint is also weather-resistant.

3. Frontpoint

SimpliSafe does not include an outdoor camera in its bundled smart devices packages, but Frontpoint sells them separately for $139.99. Cove’s and SimpliSafe’s cameras have rechargeable batteries, but Frontpoint’s do not. Despite its IP66 weather-resistance rating, it’s still capable of enduring certain dust and water pressure levels better than Cove, Vivint, and SimpliSafe. It’s less likely that you may damage the camera if you accidentally spray it with water while power-washing your house.

A perimeter guard and two-way audio are included in Frontpoint’s outdoor camera to reduce false alarms. As soon as it detects someone within a preset zone, it emits a loud beep and flashes of light. Video analytics and daily summaries of your video clips are part of Frontpoint’s professional monitoring service package.

Cheapest Home Alarm Systems With Cameras

Let’s jump into the most affordable options for home alarm systems with cameras now that you know what factors to consider when choosing between available options. Listed below are five of the cheapest home security systems with cameras. The prices below are based on the cost of ownership over 12 months without the need to enter into a lengthy contract:

Home security is a great investment, especially for people who often go out for the holidays or commute long distances for work. If you live in LA and are interested in private security, please visit our website to learn all you need to know when hiring private security in Los Angeles.

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