Conico Camera Review: What To Like And Dislike

Last updated: November 19, 2023


Surveillance is becoming a home essential in the US. As stated in the 2022 State of Safety report, 62% of Americans have a security system in place in their home. If you are looking to amp up your home’s security, consider looking into the Conico Camera.

The Conico 1080P HD Wireless Camera is a good, affordable pick if you are looking for a modern home security camera. It offers high-resolution images and videos, motion detection, full-color night vision, and two-way audio as its main features — all of which are essential for identification and investigations.

Every home is different and you must choose the right security system for you. Do you want to know if it will be a good fit for your needs? Keep reading this Conico Camera review to find out.

Conico 1080P HD Wireless Camera

Conico 1080P HD Wireless Camera

Protect your loved ones by monitoring your home anytime and anywhere with the Conico 1080P HD Wireless Camera. It’s a go-to pick for home security, baby monitoring, and pet monitoring because of its main features — motion tracking, image quality, night vision, two-way audio, dual storage, and so much more.

Motion Tracking and Sound Detection PIR sensors with adjustable motion sensitivity with push notifications enabled
Image Quality2 MP with 3.6mm lens with a 1920 x 1080 video resolution
Dual StorageSD storage and cloud storage available
Connectivity2.4GHz WiFi network and upgraded antenna
Ease of UseBattery-powered with a hassle-free installation
24/7 RecordingAll-day recording with cloud storage for up to seven days
Night VisionFull-color night vision up to 50ft or 15m with four infrared LEDs
Playback See real-time video feed through the Conico app and Echo Show

Motion Tracking And Sound Detection

The Conico 1080P HD Wireless Camera is powered by wireless technology equipped with motion tracking and sound detection. It is equipped with a full set of detection functions — motion tracking, face detection, body detection, and sound detection within the monitoring range. To avoid false alarms, you have the option to customize the motion detection sensitivity in the camera’s app.

Image Quality

This camera comes with a 2 MP 3.6mm lens with a 1920 x 1080 video resolution, which can deliver a clear image of your property’s surroundings. For its price, this camera’s lens can cover every corner of your home with vividness and clarity.

Dual Storage

Conico’s camera offers up to 128 GB of storage through an SD card slot. If you want a more reliable layer of security, you can sign up for the cloud storage service. With this, you won’t lose essential footage in case your camera gets stolen or damaged.


With the Conico camera, you can freely share footage with your loved ones through its simultaneous viewing feature. All you have to do is download the app for your IOS or Android-powered smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Ease of Use

One of the best features of this Conico camera is how easy it is to set up. Because it is wireless, you don’t have to worry about cable management and installation. Moreover, it uses 2.4G WiFi for easy camera control.

24/7 Recording

Because it is powered by cloud storage, the Conico 1080P HD Wireless Camera allows all-day recording. You don’t have to worry about running out of space, as it offers more than enough space to closely monitor your property while you are out all day.

Night Vision

With the help of powered 8 Infrared LEDs, this camera allows you to see everything even when it’s pitch dark. It will automatically switch into Night Vision mode. Additionally, it will activate full-color night vision that can capture images and videos in high quality, even in low-light situations.


This Conico camera displays real-time video feed through the Conico app and Echo Show. Plus, through the recording feature, you can play the videos later to look back at important or fun moments around your property.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Having A Conico Camera?

The Conico 1080P HD Wireless Camera offers benefits every homeowner will appreciate. However, the model also has some room for improvement. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider.

Enjoy high-quality streaming videoMotion detection has room for improvement
Quick and easy set-upMay have problems connecting to WiFi
Two-way audio with noise-canceling microphoneSometimes, live streaming gets delayed
Excellent quality 1080P HD cameraLimited cloud storage
Full-color night visionCan be loud

How To Choose A Security Camera

Before you decide on a security camera for your home or small business, there are factors that you have to consider. Here are some of the main ones you should think about:


A security camera will be installed in key areas of your home and its design may also affect your overall aesthetic. Consequently, the camera design also affects how it can cover a certain area. For instance, the spherical design of dome cameras offers a wider field of view.

Camera Quality

When shopping for a camera, you should not compromise on the image and video quality. You’d want to invest, at the very least, in a 1080p HD resolution camera if you want usable and clear security footage. More advanced cameras offer 2K or 4K resolution if you’re willing to pay a premium price.


Another thing you should consider is the power source of the camera. You can get a wired camera powered by electricity, but you have to consider cable management in terms of installation. However, if you opt for a battery-powered wireless camera, you have to consider how long it lasts, if it’s replaceable or rechargeable, or if there is a solar-powered option.


For cameras, storage can either be one or both of these two things — local storage and cloud storage. Local storage is usually through a micro-SD card, built-in, or external hard drive. With cloud storage, the footage is uploaded to a cloud server with a paid subscription.

Conico Camera Alternatives

  • Conico Outdoor Camera with Solar Rechargeable Battery – Elevate your home’s safety without worrying about power with a sustainable solar-powered outdoor camera.
  • Conico Home Indoor Security Camera with 8X Zoom – Get high-quality security footage indoors to protect your family, enhanced with an 8x Zoom feature.
  • Conico Video Doorbell Camera – Elevate your home’s safety with a video doorbell camera that also allows you to talk with visitors without opening the door.
  • Conico 360° View Outdoor Security Camera – This camera allows you maximum coverage with a 360-degree pan, tilt, and zoom camera for outdoor use.

The Conico 1080P HD Wireless Camera is a great home security camera with its commendable features at an affordable price point. Its day and night footage quality delivers the clarity every home or business owner will appreciate. Plus, the ease of use it brings won’t cause trouble even with the least tech-savvy users.

You may also explore other brands like Hiseeu, which also offers a wide array of security cameras for your home, business, or place of work. Keeping your home safe for you and your loved ones should be a top priority. Learn more about securing your home and business with Security Forward.

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