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Even if you live in a nice neighborhood, the threat of break-ins and burglaries are still high. In the US alone, there are 2.5 million home break-ins per year. This statistic is alarming enough that all your belongings, including yourself, are at risk for safety.

Even the most secure homes can fall victim to these types of crimes. One foolproof way of keeping your home safe is by investing in the best safe box for home. A safe box is a sturdy storage that keeps your things secure even when you’re away. 

When buying the best safety boxes, it is important to take into account certain factors, read on to know more.

Benefits Of Having A Safety Box 

Safe boxes for homes give homeowners another layer of protection in case of break-ins. It not only stores important valuables, but it can also be a cash safe where you can store your emergency money. Aside from security purposes, safe boxes for home also protect the monetary valuables inside it from different natural disasters such as fire and flood. 

If you are a homeowner who gets worried about leaving important documents, personal guns for self-defense, and a big amount of cash at home, buying a security box for home stage will be your additional protection. It saves you the hassle of upgrading your whole home security by simply storing all your prized valuables in a small container. 

It is also convenient because only you, the homeowner, know the passcode or key to the safe. There are safety boxes that even alarm or automatically disable opening after several attempts when someone else tries to open it. 

Things To Look Out For When Buying Safety Boxes For Home

Although you can buy safety boxes in different stores, there are four basic factors you need to pay attention to when getting one for your home. 

  • Features: The built-in and programmed qualities in the best safe box for home should fit the purpose of your purchase.
  • Locking Mechanism: How it opens and closes through a key or command must ensure it cannot easily tamper.
  • Size and Weight: The valuables you will store should be proportional to the dimensions of your safety box. The average safe is less than 100 pounds and 4.5 by 4.5 inches.
  • Durability: As its primary purpose is to protect your valuables, it must withstand physical damages that will stop thieves from getting your valuables.

Best Safety Box For Home In 2022

To choose the best safety boxes for your home, you can refer to the suggested safes below to give you an idea about what would work best for you.

Product NameSentrySafe Fire and Water SafeAmazon Basics Home Keypad SafeSentrySafe 1200BLK Fire-SafeBarska AX11620 Mini Biometric SafeTIGERKING Safe Box with keypad Digital Safe
FeaturesAdvance fire-protection and water resistance.Heavy-duty carbon-steel construction and  pre-drilled mounting holes.Fire protection with carrying handle.Compact biometrics.Vibrate alarming.
Locking MechanismElectronic.Programmable keypad with backup key.Key combination lock.Electronic and key.Electronic.
Size and Weight‎49.02 x 41.4 x 45.21 cm; 39.14 Kilograms.35.1 x 33 x 41.9 cm; 15.2 Kilograms.28.45 x 36.32 x 15.49 cm; 6 Kilograms.19.8 x 30 x 19.8 cm; 5.5 Kilograms.13.78 x 13.78 x 17.71 inches; 37.4 pounds.
DurabilityAlloy Steel.Alloy Steel.Alloy Steel.Blend material.Allow steel.

1. SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe

  • Cost: $731.90 with free shipping
  • Features: Fire, water, and theft protection
  • Locking Mechanism: Electronic
  • Size and Weight: 49.02 x 41.4 x 45.21 cm; 39.14 Kilograms
  • Durability: Alloy steel with 60 percent bigger bolts

The electronic-powered security box for a home can prevent fire and water from entering the safe. It can withstand up to 1700˚F for one hour and 8-inch water for up to 24 hours. Its digital keypad attached to its door has backlit, making it easier to open the safety box in the dark. 

The four bolts attaching the safe are 60 percent bigger than the average which adds additional difficulty if a thief wants to unbolt them. It can resist impact from up to 15 feet. This safety box for the home should advisably be bolted to the floor for extra protection.

Four 1-inch bolts that make it more difficult to unbolt one by one.More expensive compared to other similar home safes of its kind.
Water and fire protection features that will protect the interior of the safe.Electronic mechanism can malfunction and prevent opening the safe.
Digital keypad with backlit makes it easier to access the safe at night.Ideally must be bolted to the ground.

2. Amazon Basics Home Keypad Safe

  • Cost: $160.47
  • Features: Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Locking Mechanism: Programmable keypad with backup key
  • Size and Weight: 35.1 x 33 x 41.9 cm; 15.2 Kilograms
  • Durability: Made out of Alloy Steel with heavy-duty carbon-steel construction

The Amazon Basics safe boxes for a home have a two-story black interior made from its carbon-seen structure. Its main locking feature is controlled by an electronic keypad that can be programmable for the password you want. 

Its steel door has 8-gauge steel while its body has 14 gauges. A backup key is provided by Amazon Basics in case the keypad malfunctions. Although it is steel, it comes with pre-drilled mounting holes that can help you mount the safe on the shelf.

Comes with a one year warranty covered by Amazon BasicsNeeds AA battery to power its keypad
Two-storey interior room for more storage space insideOnly comes in one color: black
Back-up key that can overturn the set program for the keypadHas more bolts that can possibly be unscrewed by thieves

3. SentrySafe 1200BLK Fire-Safe

  • Cost: $37.92
  • Features: Fire protection with carrying handle
  • Locking Mechanism: Key lock
  • Size and Weight: ‎28.45 x 36.32 x 15.49 cm; 6 Kilograms
  • Durability: Made out of Alloy Steel 

The SentrySafe 1200BLK Fire-Safe is a rectangle-shaped safety box that comes with a carrying handle which makes it portable safe. As with other SentrySafe models, it is a fireproof safe for up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit for one to two hours. 

Its key lock mechanism only needs a specific key to open up the gun safeETL-certified, CDs, DVDs, and USBs won’t melt in the storage as the safety boxy protects their internal temperature.

Ul classified and ETL verified to be fire-safeMore expensive compared to other similar models with the same dimensions
Easier to carry around because of its built-in handleOnly comes in black
Digital media safeIts key lock mechanism makes it less secure than keypad and electronic systems.

4. Barska AX11620 Mini Biometric Safe

  • Cost: $337.26
  • Features: Compact biometrics
  • Locking Mechanism: Electronic and key lock
  • Size and Weight: 19.8 x 30 x 19.8 cm; 5.5 Kilograms
  • Durability: Made out of blend material

The mini safe can be opened by a programmed fingerprint biometric that can store up to 30 fingerprint records. It is the smallest out of its other brand models. 4 AA batteries can power the safe for up to one year, and if locked out, you can insert its key in its hidden keyhole to open it manually. It also has a dual deadbolt locking system to make it safer for children.

Biometric fingerprint is difficult to tamperMore expensive compared to other similarmodels with the same dimensions
Multi colorNeeds 4 AA batteries
Passed drop, pry, saw, and pick testOnly comes in one size

5. TIGERKING Safe Box With Keypad Digital Safe

  • Cost: $168.99
  • Features: Alarm vibration
  • Locking Mechanism: Electronic
  • Size and Weight: ‎‎13.78 x 13.78 x 17.71 inches; 37.4 pounds
  • Durability: Alloy Steel 

The safety box has a two-story removable shelf with a built-in LED light in its interior. Its digital keypad comes with a dual warning system that vibrates after three wrong attempts and later on sounds an alarm for 60 seconds. It has a dual security lock as seen through its two live-locking bolts.

Dual warning systemMore expensive compared to other similar models with the same dimensions
Removable interior shelfMust correctly enter passcode to prevent activating the alarm
Built-in interior LED lightsPasscode is a maximum of eright digits

Frequently Asked Questions About Safety Boxes

Choosing the best safety boxes for home use can be an overwhelming task. To address the common questions first time buyers have, you can see the answers below:

Where is the best place to put a safe in your house?

A corner between two walls where you can position the safety box on the ground is not obvious at first sight. If you can, put it inside a drawer that can fit its size.

How heavy should a home safe be?

Depending on the size you want, the typical weight of small home safes is between 20 to 90 pounds, medium would be 100 to 250 pounds, and large would be 250 pounds and above.

Do all safes have moisture problems?

Yes, almost all gun home safes have minimal moisture in them unless you remove air from the safe after closing it which is the only way you can completely remove moisture. 

Whether your purchase of the best wall safe box for home is for it to become a gun safe, document, or jewelry safe, you are investing in an additional line of security for your valuables. Different homes have different gun safes depending on their purpose, size, and features, but what is important is choosing fireproof safes which you think will maximize its use in your home. 

Learn how to protect your weapons and belongings with the best safety box at Security Forward.

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