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Last updated: January 1, 2023


Unfortunately, most of us will feel vulnerable at some point in our lives—and for a good reason. In 2021, there were 694,050 violent crimes and 817,020 offenses reported. That is equivalent to approximately 396 cases per 100,000 of the American population. 

For burglary, there was an estimated 1,117,696 burglaries in 2019, which resulted in at least $3 billion of property losses—equivalent to a $2,661 average dollar loss per burglary offense. Despite this, many of us have never considered carrying around a personal security alarm or any other self-defense device. A personal alarm device for women can be the difference between life and death in case of an emergency situation. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the best personal alarms for women, as well as what to consider when buying one. Find out more by reading on.

What To Look For In A Personal Alarm

Some women have had issues finding the best personal alarm that fits their needs and preferences. It’s not difficult to understand why given the wide variety of personal alarms on the market. 

Finding the best personal alarm for women without any resources or background information can be difficult. Fortunately, we prepared a list of crucial buying factors that you must consider when looking for a personal alarm.

  • Alarm Sound Level: Users should choose a personal alarm that could emit a sound loud enough to deter would-be attackers. With this in mind, any units capable of 120dB to 140dB should be effective enough to provide adequate protection.
  • Portability: Personal alarms for women come in a variety of configurations to carry the device around. Each user must determine which carrying method, whether a keychain or another option, could provide optimal portability and convenience to them. 
  • Size: The majority of personal alarms are compact and lightweight. However, it is critical to avoid purchasing one that is too small. After all, when an emergency arises, you do not want to fumble around with your personal alarm. 
  • Activation Method: It is also extremely important for users to consider their preferred activation method of their personal alarms. Activation method pertains to how a personal alarm device is meant to be operated and used. There are alarms with varying activation methods, including ripcord activations and push-button operations. Another popular method is alarms activated by pulling the alarm from a keychain. Each user should carefully consider what method is most comfortable and effortless for them to use. 

Benefits Of A Personal Alarm

Personal alarms are extremely useful in an emergency. Some may find the idea of having one overwhelming, but they can be a lifesaver when needed. They are useful, especially in an emergency where your life is in immediate danger. These devices offer numerous benefits, especially to women and the elderly. 

Get Help As Quickly As Possible

If you live alone or work at night, having a personal safety alarm allows you to quickly draw people’s attention. You can get help efficiently and quickly by simply sounding the alarm.

Many attack alarms are worn around the neck, making them easily accessible. Simply pulling or pressing on the emergency button activates the device, which emits a loud siren and flashing strobe to warn those around you and deter any would-be attackers.

Safety alarms can also be given to the elderly so that they can alert someone in the event of a personal emergency. Personal alarms can also shorten the time it takes to request emergency services in the event of a heart attack or stroke.

Keep Safe From Attackers 

Unfortunately, women are the frequent targets for attackers because they are perceived as weaker and less likely to fight back if sneaked upon. Whether you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, investing in a personal alarm can provide peace of mind for the entire family. 

Although alarms cannot prevent every attack, they can be used to discourage potential attackers from further advancements. The sight of an alarm will most likely scare them away, as they know help is only a few minutes away. If an attacker tries to grab you, activating your personal alarm can immediately alert those nearby. 

This will often cause the attacker to panic and flee the scene to avoid getting caught. Moreover, bystanders and law enforcement authorities can readily assist you afterwards. 

Safety keychains are another similar and popular option due to its portability and compactness. They come in several options and can also easily be deployed. 

Increased Independence At Home

It’s always nice to be independent. Carrying a personal safety alarm with you can make you feel safer and more secure even when you’re alone.

There is always the risk of someone lurking nearby, no matter your age or gender, and no matter where you go, but keeping a personal alarm around your neck at all times can ease your mind and make you feel more secure being alone.

Top Personal Alarms For Women

Personal alarms have turned into a safety net for most women. These devices allow them to protect themselves when they are uncomfortable or in an emergency situation. They enable women to deter any would-be attackers with a loud, ear-piercing siren. At the same time, they can easily call for help with its loud alarms. 

Below is a list of our top picks for the best personal alarm for women, along with the pros and cons of each device. Check them out.

1. KOSIN Holuck

KOSIN Holuck

Dimensions: 7.36 x 3.94 x 1.26 inches

Alarm sound level: 140 dB

Range: 606.9 feet

The Kosin Holuck Personal Alarm is a popular choice among women, mainly due to its loud and ear-piercing 140 dB siren. It also boasts a practical, compact, and lightweight design that can easily fit into any purse or pocket. 

You can also bring this device with you in your air and sea travels as it is only made of ABS plastic. On top of that, this device is very easy to use with its simple contact pin activation method.

Loud siren soundNot durable 
Portable and lightweightPackaging issues
Built-in LED lightsShort battery life

2. SLFORCE Personal Alarm Siren

SLFORCE Personal Alarm Siren

Dimensions: 2.36 x 1.37 x 0.59 inches

Alarm sound level: 130 dB

Range: 12 feet

One of the most straightforward options for women is the Slforce’s Personal Alarm Siren. It is a capable personal alarm device with a simple activation method that is not difficult to use even under duress.

The Slforce is capable of unleashing a startling 130 dB siren that can reach up to 10 feet of range. With this lound sound, you can keep any potential assailants at bay. In addition, this device also comes with a built-in LED flashlight that can keep provide an extra layer of security at night. 

100% money-back guaranteeNot durable
3 batteries includedShort battery lifespan
Ear-piercing sirenLimited range

3. KUROS Mace Pepper Spray and Alarm Kit

KUROS Mace Pepper Spray and Alarm Kit

Dimensions: 488 x 3.38 x 2.38 inches

Alarm sound level: 130 dB

Range: 10 feet

The Kuros Mace Pepper Spray and Alarm combo is one of the best value buys on the market. It ensures that the user can experience the security features of a pepper spray and a personal alarm without having to choose between the two. 

The included pepper-spray has a finger-grip construction that allows women to effectively handle and deploy the device at a moment’s notice. Additionally, it has a powerful chemical formula that can cause temporary vision impairment and painful burning sensation to your would-be attacker. It also leaves behind a residue that can help identify the assailant. 

As for the personal alarm, it’s a relatively simple one with a loud siren (130 dB). It’s activated by simply pushing a button and comes with batteries included for extra convenience.

Simple button-activated alarmPepper spray contains limited bursts
Compact and portableLimited range
Best valueProne to misuse

If you are looking to better protect yourself at night, then check out this article by Security Forward on must-have self-defense weapons for women.  

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