Best Firex Smoke Detector

Accidents tend to happen when we are the most vulnerable, because we often overlook the hazards in our homes. A fire is one of the fastest and most damaging accidents that can happen to your home, but one way you can prevent it is by investing in a Firex smoke detector.

A trustworthy smoke detector is just one of the many practical gadgets for home safety that can give you peace of mind.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Firex Smoke Detector

Firex smoke detectors will give you peace of mind and your money’s worth. There are different types you can choose from. You can look at these four factors to help you decide which detector is best for you.


Firex smoke detectors prevent possible fires by detecting small particles in the air that trigger the motion sensors. In choosing which is best for you, consider maximizing its use concerning its placement, coverage, and sensor.


Firex smoke detector are durable and generally lasts five to ten years after their manufacture. Their ionization technology can keep an alarm going as a fire continues to flame indoors.


As soon as Firex smoke alarms detect smoke, it makes a chirping sound. This smart device immediately detects possible fires within its range and causes an alarm.


The prescribed lifespan of a Firex smoke detector is eight to ten years and should be replaced past that period. The extensive battery life before another replacement makes it a low-maintenance device.

Best Firex Smoke Detector In 2022

The wide variety of Firex smoke detectors continues to expand every year. To help you find which is best for you, here are five of their best smoke detectors in 2022.

Product NameFirex I4618Firex i12040Firex P12040Kidde 900-0102Kidde 440378
FunctionSmoke, CO, and heat alarmsDetects smoke, CO, and carbon monoxide gasDetects smoke, CO, and carbon monoxide gasDetects smoke, CO, and carbon monoxide gasDetects smoke, CO, and invisible fire particles
Durability5 years10 years10 years10 years10 years
SmartPhotoelectric and ionizationElectrochemical PhotoelectricPhotoelectricPhotoelectric



1. Firex I4618

Firex I4618
  • Function: Detects smoke, CO, and heat alarms.
  • Durability: 5 years
  • Smart: Photoelectric sensing alarm and ionization sensing technology
  • Battery: 120V power source and 9V back-up

Equipped with a tamper resist feature that prevents possible home invaders from turning off the alarm, it also has a hush feature for owners to silence the Firex smoke alarm once triggered. Its power source is hardwired, meaning it comes with a cable that needs to be plugged in for the detector to warn.

This Firex smoke alarm can reach a detectable range of up to 85% of relative humidity, with up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit or temperature range. When it comes to audio alarms, its 85-decibel sound as loud as a food blender can reach up to 10 feet.

Easy battery installation and replacementsHardwired and must be connected to an electrical plug to work
Battery back-up in case the main battery diesIn case of power outages, it will not be able to detect fire
Also detects carbon monoxide gasLow battery means possibility of not chirping

2. Firex i12040A

Firex i12040A
  • Function: Detects smoke, CO, and carbon monoxide gas.
  • Durability: 10 years
  • Smart: Electrochemical sensing technology
  • Battery: 120V power source and 9V back-up

Another Firex hardwired model with an ionization sensing alarm, the i12040 reaches its humidity range up to 9% and a temperature range of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a quick-connect plug and has two corresponding LED color indicators: green for AC power and red for battery replacement. The easy one-button feature and user-friendly design makes this model worth the purchase.

Alarm memoryHardwired and must be connected to an electrical plug to work
One-button designIssues of random power malfunctions during night time
Dust cover protection for unnecessary alarms and dusk detectionsIssues on difficulty to restart alarm once manually shut off

3. Firex P12040

Firex P12040
  • Function: Detects smoke, CO, and carbon monoxide gas.
  • Durability: 10 years
  • Smart: Photoelectric sensing technology
  • Battery: 120V power source and 9V back-up

A benefit of using the Fires P12040 design is its ability to function as either a stand-alone or interconnected unit. As this design has a photoelectric sensing technology, it can detect visible light particles as possible fire and make a smoke alarm chirping sound.

It also includes a 9V battery backup aside from its 120V main battery. Its red LED means a well-functioning device and condition, while its green LED means the presence of AC power.

Stand-alone or interconnected unitMay have a shorter lifespan due to false chirping
Faster smoldering fire detectionRed light malfunctions
Dust cover protectionPlugging into some electrical sources may cause false detections

4. Kidde 900-0102

Kidde 900-0102
  • Function: Detects smoke, CO, and carbon monoxide gas with voice alarms
  • Durability: 10 years
  • Smart: Ionization sensing technology
  • Battery: 120V power source

The Kidde 900-0102 is one of the latest Firex smoke detectors with the dual purpose of detecting carbon monoxide gas. It comes with several verbal warning alarms such as “Fire!” accompanied with a red LED light,  “Warning! Carbon Monoxide!”, “Hush mode activated!” and “Low battery!”. 

The model also has a peak level memory that warns of a previous incident of carbon monoxide detection. It is also battery-powered, which means that it will still function even during power outages.

Voice alarmFalse low battery warning
Smoke and carbon monoxide gas detectionRegular battery replacement
Battery-poweredContinuous beeping malfunction even after reset

5. Kidde 440378

Kidde 440378
  • Function: Detects smoke, CO, and invisible fire particles
  • Durability: 10 years
  • Smart: Photoelectric sensing technology
  • Battery: 120V power source

The Kidde 440378 is powered by batteries, making it more functional even when there isn’t electricity. It comes with a low battery indicator that chirps to signal battery replacement. It also comes with a test button for owners to test the battery function, horn, and power after the initial purchase. 

The battery is lithium-powered that can power the device’s alarm range for up to 85 decibels. It also has a test-hush feature that can stop the device’s chirping once triggered.

Lithium battery-poweredAlarm going out randomly
Test buttonRegular battery replacement
Test-hush featureContinuous beeping malfunction unless disconnected from the battery

Frequently Asked Questions

When shopping for the best Firex smoke detectors, here are some of the most common inquiries that people ask.

What is the lifespan of a Firex smoke detector?

A Firex smoke detector typically lasts up to ten years maximum and five year minimum. After its prescribed lifespan, you must have a replacement to maintain its effectiveness.

Are Firex smoke detectors still made?

After Kidde bought Firex’s manufacturer, Invensys Controls, they stopped manufacturing Firex fire alarms and detectors in 2009.

Why is my Firex smoke detector beeping?

The beeping sound you hear is a sign that your unit needs a battery replacement as the current one’s life is already low or incorrectly installed.


Prevention is better than cure. While you might spend a hefty price on fire detectors, it is definitely worth every penny as it safeguards your home from possible fires.

In addition to Firex and Kidde, there are a lot of reliable brands of smoke detectors on the market. For more recommendations for the best smoke detectors, head over to Security Forward today!

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