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Last updated: July 26, 2022


Welcome to Security Forward. 

We appreciate your passion for writing and your interest in contributing your masterpiece.  Security Forward is a platform to showcase your talent in writing and expressing your ideas surrounding the topics of personal security. 

As long as your article follows our editorial guidelines and passes our quality check, it will surely be published on our site and has the chance to be promoted on different social media channels.

You may or may not include a link to your content, but please make sure that it does not point to any malicious or affiliate sites.

Lastly, we want you to understand that significant content matters to us. Please review our editorial guidelines before submitting your pitches.

Type of Articles We Publish on Personal Security

We publish articles written by individuals who work on the web. These consist of:

  • Tutorials — Do you want to share your expertise by providing a step-by-step guide? You can lay them out here.
  • In-depth Articles — A formal article for audiences who are into business or corporate sectors.
  • Opinions — If you have a point of view on a specific topic that can back up with a research study and statistics.
  • Tips and Tricks — Hacks that you can share with our readers.
  • Review — Whether you want to review a product or a service, you can freely express it here.

Personal Security Topics We Cover

Since Security Forward talks about the security industry, we are open to any articles on the following topics:

  • Home Security — Security systems that are commonly used in residential properties.
  • Corporate Security — Security systems used in commercial buildings.
  • Private Security — Engagement in providing patrol services
  • Personal Security — Mostly talks about the safety of well-known personalities.
  • Cybersecurity — Guarding the information on the worldwide web.

How Did You Find Us

If you are looking for an authority site to contribute your ideas about Personal Security, we are here to help you achieve that. We assume that you used the following footprints to search for us that’s why you are here.

If that is the case, we welcome you here. You can freely send your pitches to us, and we are looking forward to working with you.

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Sponsored Posts

We also offer sponsored guest post opportunities for brands and companies who like to increase their online presence by supporting great content. However, we do not allow any advertisements — rather, we provide a way for you to add a link or a source.

How to Pitch Your Content?

Please email us at [email protected] with the following information:

  • Article headline (around 50-60 characters)
  • Content (between 1000-1500 words)
  • Must include media (optimized images/videos)
  • A brief bio with a profile picture
  • Links you are planning to add

Our Publishing Process

All articles submitted to us are subject to quality checks. We will inform the source if the item is accepted or rejected. Suppose we find the content is relevant to what we cater to, of good quality, and follow our editorial guidelines. In that case, our editorial team will do a final round of checking for any changes needed. 

Once it’s all done, we will email the source of the possible publishing date, including our appreciation letter.

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