Why You Should Be Investing in Security Access Doors and Panels  

Last updated: February 6, 2024


Access doors, also known as access panels, provide a convenient way to enter otherwise hard-to-reach places. They come in various forms and models to accommodate many requirements. You can use these doors in walls, floors, and even ceilings to provide secure access with minimal disruption.   

With an array of materials and types available, access doors are the perfect solution for any situation needing quick and easy entry into enclosed spaces, even in facilities requiring high security.  

What are Security Access Doors?  

Security access doors and panels are essential for any project that requires easy maintenance, such as schools, banks, and government buildings. These buildings contain businesses we need daily, and you wouldn’t want criminals interfering with operations.  

Security access doors provide a secure way to access the building or facility without compromising safety or security. But what separates them from standard access panels?  

Defining Features of Security Access Panels  

1.) Larger Gauge Steel  

Regarding security access panels, choosing the correct steel gauge is essential. Typically, these panels have steel gauges ranging from 18-14 (0.048″ – 0.080″) that help balance cost and function. While these are usually serviceable, they may need to be more secure.   

For added protection, security access panels typically start at 10ga (0.128″) and go all the way down to 7ga (0.176″) for high-security applications. These panels offer increased protection against forced entry and vandalism compared to the run-of-the-mill access panel.  

2.) Equally Good Support Mechanisms  

While thick gauge steel can provide a solid foundation for the panel, it is not enough to guarantee maximum protection.   

To ensure maximum security, these panels must also come with heavy-duty hinges and non-removable barrels for the welded frame construction. This combination of features will help create an impenetrable barrier that will deter intruders from forced entry and give you more time to act appropriately.  

Welding is essential in manufacturing many products, including these security access doors. These doors come with strong welded frames that are more durable than bolts or rivets. Solid heavy-duty hinges are securely attached, and the door rests on reliable heavy-duty stops. It is the ideal choice for detention and security facilities.  

The welding process involves heating the material and exciting its atoms, creating a bond far more secure than other fastening methods. It eliminates potential gaps that allow criminals to use tools to force open the door.  

3.) Secure Fastening Methods  

Having a rigid access panel is only half the battle. Mount the door securely to ensure your security system is truly effective. You need to find a mounting method that can withstand extreme force and prevent anyone from tearing out the door from the wall. Security access doors allow you to install it in masonry with wall anchors or through wallboard/plaster with machine screws.  

Masonry anchors are essential for securely attaching items to masonry surfaces such as brick, block, or concrete. These fasteners expand inside the pre-drilled holes as they are inserted and tightened. This feature provides a secure mount that is resistant to vibration and shock.  

For wallboard/plaster installations, machine screws provide superior strength and durability compared to many other screw types. Manufactured with refined techniques, they offer excellent quality, precision, and thread uniformity compared to the average screw.  

4.) Numerous Locking Options  

Investing in the security of high-profile facilities necessitates getting high-quality security locks. Various lock types are available, such as detention deadbolts, detention slam latches, mortise cylinder cam locks, and cylinder cam locks.   

Each type offers unique benefits and features that can provide extra protection for your equipment and utilities. Some manufacturers may offer other locks. For this reason, it’s paramount to work with reputable suppliers so you can work with them find the best solution for your use case. Investing in the right lock type can help ensure your security access panel remains secure for years.  

Invest In Good-Quality Access Doors  

Access panels are a versatile and essential tool for any building. They provide security and concealment and make maintenance work a breeze. With adequately installed access doors, you can rest easy knowing your utilities are safe from unwanted entry. Not only that, but these panels allow for easy access to critical components when needed, making repair and maintenance jobs easier to complete quickly. 

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