The Pros and Cons of a Do-it-yourself Home Security System

Last updated: January 21, 2022


When it comes to home security systems, some people have the misconception that these are only worthwhile if professionally installed. Now, there’s nothing wrong with having an expert install a system for added protection. However, many DIY home security systems work just as well, if not better. So, if you’re interested in something like this, you shouldn’t automatically discount a do-it-yourself system.

The key is to look at various DIY home security systems to compare what each one of them offers. From there, you can make a well-informed decision about the type of security that’ll best serve your needs. For example, FrontPoint offers outstanding benefits. For this specific company, it wouldn’t hurt to read the different reviews of FrontPoint DIY home security systems.

Security Systems Installed by a Professional

If you’re not the handy type, you might feel more confident with a professionally installed system. Another perk, companies that provide systems typically offer a monitoring service. While the prices vary, this gives some people additional peace of mind. Whether they’re home or away, they like the fact that experts keep a close watch on their house.

Then there’s the technical support factor to consider. If you run into a problem, you don’t have to find a solution. Instead, you could turn to a qualified tech who would either answer your questions or schedule to have someone come to your home to help with the system.

Overall, having a home security system installed by an expert isn’t a bad idea. However, there are some drawbacks. For example, most companies require you to sign a contract. If you opt-out early, you’d get stuck with a hefty penalty. Not to mention the cost you have to pay each month for the service.

Another pitfall is that with a system installed by a security company, you’d likely have to pay an installation fee. Often, an installer makes it sound like you’re getting a good deal because you wouldn’t pay upfront. Instead, the company would add the cost to your first month’s bill or spread it out over several months in installments. Regardless, you’ll still pay.

One other thing, home security companies often try to upsell, meaning they talk homeowners into buying or leasing more equipment than needed.

Do-it-yourself Home Security Systems

In comparison, a DIY is a system that you can install. A big advantage of this over one installed by a professional is you’ll spend far less money. Today, you can find a number of superior quality products at a fraction of the cost. So, if you want to protect your property and family but at the same time stick to a budget, this is an excellent consideration.

Something else worth noting is that with the increasing popularity of home security systems, you have a choice from a broad range of DIY home security products. Since each is unique, you’d need to look at the features included to find the one product that meets your criteria. However, for less than $200, you shouldn’t have any problem with that.

Installation is also a breeze in most cases. If you choose a wired home security system, you might need help, but even this type is relatively easy to install. Even better, you can go with a wireless system. Just as the name implies, this particular type of home security system doesn’t require any wiring, yet it works amazingly.

Some DIY home security systems even come with a warranty. Depending on the brand, that would cover any equipment and even technical support. So, if you run into a problem after installing the system, you could contact a professional to help at either no charge or for a nominal fee.

As far as concerns with a do-it-yourself system, perhaps the biggest drawback is choosing the right product. Again, with so many possibilities, you could end up with something that doesn’t provide enough protection or a system that’s way more than you need. This is why making comparisons is so essential.

Then there’s the installation aspect of a DIY home security system. Remember, most are super easy and quick to install, especially the wireless types. However, you could run into something challenging that’s beyond your skillset. For this reason, always look at products that offer customer service or technical support.

Choosing a Home Security Company

If you decide to go the do-it-yourself route, look at the reviews of FrontPoint DIY home security systems. Not only does this company have different options available, but they’re all affordably priced. Even better, you never have to sign a contract. 

As part of the reviews of FrontPoint DIY home security systems, you’ll see that many customers love that they can customize notifications using a simple smartphone app. This company even provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is something you’d typically never see from a DIY home security company.

A System With Everything You Need

For optimal protection, you’ll discover in the reviews of FrontPoint home security systems that people appreciate all the equipment included. Along with what comes standard, you can choose different add-ons to beef up the protection inside and outside your house. As part of the package, you would receive the following:

  • Keypad and Hub – Combined, these serve as the brains of the home security system. The professional monitoring, along with the sensors, will make you feel safer than ever. As part of this is a 24-hour backup battery and “Crash and Smash” protection that sends an alert if anyone tries to damage the equipment.
  • Security Sensors – You can choose among three unique sensors to include entry, motion detection, and glass breaking. Of course, you can go with all three.
  • Touchscreen Display – Arming your home security system is easy thanks to a touchscreen panel.
  • Cameras – You also have a choice of four camera types based on the area of your home you want to have covered.

The Bottom Line

You’ll have no problem finding a DIY home security system online or at a local store. However, if you want something that’s top of the line, check out the reviews of FrontPoint home security systems. You’ll get everything you need for added security, including professional monitoring of your home.

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