How To Add Wireless Sensor To ADT Alarm

Last updated: January 21, 2022


The Blue by ADT Smart Home Hub is the controlling hub that communicates with your sensors. To pair your sensor, launch your app and select Menu > Devices > (+) Add Device + Sensors> Door & Window Sensor to be able to connect it wirelessly. After that, follow the in-app setup guide instructions; for more information on how you can get started!

Note: Sensors and devices in a Blue by ADT system are preconfigured so that they will already be paired to your system. Simply remove the battery tab, as shown below!

To enable a new sensor: 

  1. First of all, pull out the exposed battery tab from the back of your wireless sensor.
  2. The LED will now be flashing to indicate that the sensor is booting. 
  3. The LED will blink once in a second while pairing with Blue by ADT.
  4. If the network is unable to be found after 90 sec, the sensor will go into sleep mode. In order to wake the sensor up, touch the magnet or press the tamper switch, which is found inside the casing of the sensor, in order to repeat the pairing process.

Mounting your Blue by ADT Door & Window Sensor

The Blue by ADT system syncs your sensors automatically. That’s right; you don’t have to worry about pairing them with the hub yourself–they’ll pair as soon as they power up and are ordered in a package that includes our Smart Home Hub! If not part of this special pack, then it will be easy enough for you to add them manually through the app.

The installation of the preconfigured sensor is simple. Just launch your app and follow a step-by-step in-app setup guide or these instructions: 

  1. The first step to installing your window/door sensor is to clean the area and let it fully dry before attaching.
  2. The sensor and magnet should be no farther than 15mm apart from each other. They will have the most success when they are as close to one another as possible, especially on the door frame or jamb you intend them for. Place your Door & Window Sensor near its top (or at least about halfway up), then place it facing towards the opening of a given doorway where people go in and out all day long!
  3. The tape should be firmly attached for 30 seconds before it is time to mount the sensor.
  4. Go ahead and use the provided double-sided tape to mount that magnet. Both of those alignment marks must be facing each other (circle). Remove the liner, press it firmly in place for 30 seconds, and you’re good!
  5. Alternatively, Screw the sensor in place with included hardware. The back of the unit is removable to access screw mounting holes for more secure installation.

We hope this blog post was helpful for you. You can also check about how to remove alarm sensors from the door.


Does ADT have wireless sensors? 

There are a variety of sensor types and installation methods available to you. ADT make sure your sensors will work for you, no matter what type they are installed as! 

How much does ADT charge for additional window sensors?

ADT Prices and Features: Smart Package 

In addition to the items mentioned, ADT also offers a nine-piece package that includes two additional door/window sensors for an extra $129. You would have to pay this cost upfront or overtime in order for it to be included with your installation costs, starting at about $1,019, which is close to 17 per month when paid monthly for 60 months.

What kind of sensors does ADT use?

ADT security systems are equipped with all sorts of sensors to keep your home safe from burglars. ADT can do this by using a two-piece magnetic contact sensor for windows and doors, which alerts the system when they’re opened in an unsecured zone. But that’s not their only option!

Does ADT put sensors on Windows?

It’s easy to see why window alarms make the best addition to a security system. ADT monitoring gives customers a smart and effective solution for protecting your home with the included window sensors in every package, making it easier than ever before.


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