Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

Last updated: August 16, 2021


As a small business owner, you face a unique set of challenges larger companies may not need to worry about. For example, due to limited space and budget caps, you probably don’t have an IT team on-site and ready to handle your information security. Fortunately, there is a way you can cover your small business cybersecurity needs without the extra staff and equipment. You can implement managed IT security and utilize off-site resources for spyware, patches, viruses, maintenance, monitoring, and more.

Why Do I Need to Worry about Cybersecurity?

If you use the internet at all in your business, particularly for storing private information, you need protection from outside threats. Small businesses are a favorite target for cyberattacks because they typically have information that can be used for profit, and they often do not have adequate cybersecurity measures in place. 

You may believe your company does not have enough information to be of value to an online attacker. However, small thefts can add up. Plus, many smaller companies act as vendors to much bigger corporations and can provide avenues for access to their information as well. On top of these financial risks, if you run into a problem that causes you to shut down the office while it’s taken care of, you’ll lose valuable time and productivity.

What to Watch Out For

One of the most common ways attackers obtain crucial information is through a technique called social engineering, a process used to get an employee to unknowingly let the hacker into the system. They may call, text, or email and typically try to get their hands on your passwords and other login information. They may also send a link that unleashes malware or ransomware when clicked. But besides these outside threats, behaviors within the company can put your IT security at risk:

  • Not changing passwords often
  • Using ineffective passwords
  • Sharing passwords
  • Browsing questionable websites 
  • Clicking on email links from unknown senders
  • Downloading files
  • Not keeping systems updated
  • Not taking steps to protect information

What Is Managed IT Support?

With managed IT support, you can outsource your small business cybersecurity to a specialized company, like 42Support, which will monitor your systems 24/7. They can be on-site or work remotely and manage computers, servers, networks, mobile devices, and printers to ensure they are always running safely and optimally.

Managed IT support can be taking place behind the scenes without interruption to the workday or disruption for the employees, with software tracking your data and sending an alert to IT support when anything is malfunctioning, so we can fix it right away.

We also ensure that your systems are always safe and up to date. We handle patches, spyware issues, viruses, and more. Plus, we’ll help you assess and strengthen any potential vulnerabilities in your systems and processes.

Tips for Small Business Cybersecurity

In addition to putting a managed IT team on the case as soon as possible, small businesses can incorporate the following strategies to help mitigate risk.

  • Identify vulnerabilities in the system.
  • Create an action plan.
  • Train employees on proper internet use, enforce the internet safety rules and require staff to regularly update passwords.
  • Utilize firewall security and up-to-date security software.
  • Back up all critical data.
  • Create individual user accounts for each employee.
  • Control access to computers and programs.
  • Secure your wi-fi networks.
  • Work with banks and processors to ensure secure payment transactions.
  • Use standardized operating systems throughout the company.

Top Managed Information Security with 42Support

Contact 42Support for more information on how you can protect your small business with managed information security. Don’t wait until it’s too late to start creating a plan for your small business cybersecurity. You may lose valuable time and money when a problem arises unless you take proactive measures. Keep your information private and your company up and running with help from 42Support.

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