3 Best Cute Tasers For Protection

Last updated: October 1, 2023


Self-defense is an essential skill for any individual to pick up. Unfortunately, women are often the targets of dangerous people at night, especially when walking alone. Having the appropriate equipment on hand can make all the difference if you find yourself in this scenario. 

Most women deal with harassment, abuse, and threats of physical and sexual violence on a regular basis. Fortunately, tasers can keep you safe. Even if you don’t use the cute tasers you purchased, carrying one can give you the peace of mind that you have added security at your disposal.

In this article, let us discuss our top recommendations for cute tasers that you can use for self-defense.

How To Choose The Right Taser 

Taser stun guns come in many different types, so it’s important to pick the best one for you. They are available for purchase both online and in stores. It is also equally important to understand how to use tasers effectively for self-defense. Here are some simple suggestions for picking the best one for you:

Know The Different Types

Not all taser devices are built with the same design. Some can double as a light source with their built-in LED flashlights, while others can function as a baton that can provide you with a self-defense tool at close encounters. 

Make Sure Your Taser Is Strong Enough

Ensure your taser is strong enough to stop an aggressor in a dangerous situation by ensuring it can deliver a debilitating shock. After all, cute tasers are useless if it isn’t strong enough to fend off an attacker. We recommend choosing a device with a voltage capacity between 15,000 to 50,000 volts at your disposal. 

Consider Portability And Convenience

You’ll want a taser device that you can easily fit in a purse or pocket and carry anywhere. In order for a taser to be effective, it must be easily accessible and reliable in times of danger. As such, we recommend choosing a taser that is easy to use and comes with an anti-snatch grip that allows you to use it confidently without worrying that it might be used against you. 

Best Cute Tasers In 2022

The best cute tasers provide unparalleled protection in a stylish manner. They are lightweight, reliable, and simple to use, making them suitable for self-defense. Also, tasers and stun guns are less regulated than handguns. 

Check out the list below to discover the 3 best cute tasers available in the market today: 

Taser Strikelight 2

Taser Strikelight 2
  • Voltage Capacity: 20,000 volts
  • Range: 3 feet
  • Safety mechanism: Safety switch
  • Battery: Rechargeable

The Taser Strikelight 2 is the ideal combination between security and functionality. Aside from being able to stun your attackers, you can also temporarily blind them with an ultra-bright 700-lumen flashlight. With its built-in rechargeable battery, you won’t have the need to buy costly replacement cartridges. 

With a full charge, this taser device can deploy a hundred 5-second contact stun discharges, each carrying at least 20,000 volts. Additionally, on a full battery, it can produce 5 hours of continuous light. 

Rechargeable batteriesLimited range
AffordableLower voltage capacity
Lightweight Long charging hours

ZAP Stun Gun

ZAP Stun Gun
  • Voltage Capacity: 950,000 volts
  • Range: Direct contact
  • Safety mechanism: I/O switch
  • Battery: Non-rechargeable

Despite its tiny size, the ZAP Stun Gun packs a decent punch. This device can deliver 950,000 volts, more than enough to drop your attacker to the ground, giving you enough time to escape. Additionally, a built-in 60-lumen LED flashlight can provide some illumination when you’re walking alone at night. Three CR2 batteries, each with a 3-hour runtime and a lifespan of about 2 years, are used to power the ZAP Stun Gun. 

Extremely affordableLimited range
Easy to useLow flashlight brightness
High-voltage capacityNon-rechargeable batteries


  • Voltage Capacity: 51 million volts
  • Range: Direct contact
  • Safety mechanism: Safety switch
  • Battery: Rechargeable

The VIPERTEK VTS-979 includes a non-slip rubber coating for improved grip. Being only 6 inches long, it is incredibly compact and functions as a dual-purpose LED flashlight in case of emergencies. Additionally, the VTS-979 has a rechargeable battery capable of producing 51 million volts of electric shock. For anyone who might try to steal your device, the VTS 979 is equipped with a safety disable pin. 

Portable and compactRequires direct contact
Built-in LED flashlightNot legal in all 50 states
High-intensity shockNeeds to be recharged regularly

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