Why it is never a bad idea to buy SoundCloud Plays

Last updated: July 8, 2021


Whenever we think about using social media marketing, names like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and several other platforms come to our mind. All these platforms are versatile to host various marketing activities for all kinds of business, big and small, with some physical products or services to sell. However, these platforms are not always suitable for creators like musicians as their mode of branding and marketing is entirely different from other products and services.  Musicians, singers, and other performing artists need a platform to showcase their creations. Their creations are intangible products, but the traditional social media platforms do not provide enough scope.  This is where a platform like SoundCloud comes into play. It features online audio streaming and the facility for distributing the creations of musicians and artists. 

Connecting with listeners – counting the plays

The pleasure of creation multiplies many more times when the creations of the musicians or artists receive the appreciation of listeners who provide feedback that helps gauge the success. Every musician or singer wants to know how their creation fares with listeners and calculate its popularity by counting the number of Plays similar to likes of other social media platforms. SoundCloud records it as a Play whenever some listener presses the play button to listen to some music tracks. The number of Plays accumulated to the account of the musician is a sign of the track’s popularity. The platform tracks Play real-time and exclude self-Plays when the creator himself plays the track. 

Gathering SoundCloud plays

SoundCloud follows similar social media platforms, and musicians’ performance and their creations are evaluated in terms of the number of Plays it can garner organically. Every musician aspires to see that their creation finds a place among the top ranks in the music charts based on the number of Plays it can collect within a specific time. The time dimension is critical for music tracks to gain popularity because the music charts undergo frequent revision as musicians keep uploading new creations relentlessly. Therefore, it is not enough to gather Plays only, but it must happen quickly and sometimes so fast that some musical compositions can become chartbusters overnight.   It is something similar to any content going viral on some traditional social media platform.

The equation of Plays

Sharing any musical creation without a plan can be pretty frustrating for musicians because, in most cases, it will fail to attract listeners. Therefore, besides uploading their music tracks on SoundCloud, musicians must take some measures to attract listeners to play the targeted tracks. Unfortunately, listeners do not have the time to experiment with each piece of a freshly uploaded music track in their preferred genre. Instead, they rely on the number of SoundCloud Plays to gauge the popularity of any new track to decide if it is worth playing or follow the creations of some established musicians only. It means that gathering a high number of Plays organically right from the time of uploading the tracks is the musician’s goal. But this can be a tall order for newcomers looking to establish their identity and need some time and encouragement to get a toehold in the highly competitive space.

Kickstart your musical journey

It is simply not possible to become famous overnight. However, musicians can try to draw listeners’ attention by ensuring that the moment they upload any music track, Plays would start flowing in. It is very much possible if you buy SoundCloud Plays that are available from many online companies. Log on to the website of Leoboost, a company that sells SoundCloud Plays, and you can buy 1000 Plays for just $3by following the instructions click here to buy SoundCloud plays. The action will kickstart your campaign on a positive note, and soon Plays will start flowing in organically as the initial numbers draw listeners towards the music track.  The purpose of buying Plays is to ensure that you do not make a false start and not to skyrocket the track’s popularity overnight.

Follow a buying plan

While you can buy Plays at the time of launching a new music track, you can also use it as a tool to boost the popularity of some existing tracks that seem to have lost pace in the competition. First, make a list of the music tracks that you want to promote and keep a close watch on its performance. Then, if you are sure of the potential of some tracks which might be underperforming, you can inject some new life into it by buying Plays. 

Buying Plays is only a temporary measure to boost popularity, and the main emphasis should be on garnering Plays organically that proves the actual merit of the creation. Ensure that you make quality music and you will become popular. 

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