Best Light Bulb Camera For Your Home

Security measures these days are a lot easier to implement, thanks to devices like home security cameras and light bulb cameras. Getting security footage and monitoring blind spots with a light bulb hidden camera is a great way of protecting your home, especially if you live alone.

If you are looking for a way of getting video footage inconspicuously, then a light bulb camera can be a great way of concealing your camera and making sure that you have peace of mind at the same time. Here’s a guide for the best light bulbs with cameras for your home.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Light Bulb Security Camera

There are multiple cameras out in the market today, so keep in mind these factors when selecting which light bulb camera works best for your home.

Camera Definition

Camera resolution is key in choosing a camera in order to make sure that you can capture faces and monitor footage successfully. The camera definition of 720p to 1080p is a great benchmark for high-quality capturing.

Camera Coverage

There are a lot of cameras that have a 360-degree panoramic view, which can capture more footage from all angles. Consider getting a camera with 360-degree panoramic features if your area has a lot of blind spots.

Memory Capacity

Camera storage is important to make sure that you capture enough video footage, especially if you are going away or traveling for a while. Think about light bulb cameras with sufficient memory slot capacity in the SD card.

Additional Features

Other features to consider when choosing light bulb security cameras include whether it is wireless or wired, water-resistant, has infrared night vision, and easy to set up.

Best Light Bulb Camera In 2022

We’ve rounded up some of the best light bulb cameras in the market today, so here’s a list of our top five models.

Product NameSengled Floodlight Camera Motion ActivatedSymynelec Wireless Security Camera BulbKingVision Full-HD Light Bulb CameraMeco Wi-Fi Bulb Security CameraCOSULAN 1080P Security Light Camera
Camera Definition1080P FHD1080P video1080P surveillance; 1920×1080 image resolution960p Video Capture1920x1080P
Camera Coverage140° wide viewing angle360-degree viewing angle360-degree panoramic viewWide view 360-degree camera360-degree panorama bulb
Memory Capacity24 hours cloud storage8GB-128GB SD card included128GB card16GB Micro SD Card (free), but can be expanded to 128GB memoryCloud storage, and SD memory card (up to 128G)
Additional FeaturesWaterproof, motion detection, two-way audioGive motion sensitivity levels, two-way communication3MP HD camera, night visionNight vision, 5 viewing modes, motion sensor detection and alertsWireless connection, fisheye lens

1. Sengled Floodlight Camera Motion Activated

Sengled Floodlight Camera Motion Activated
  • Camera Definition: 1080P FHD
  • Camera Coverage: 140° wide viewing angle
  • Memory Capacity: 24 hours cloud storage
  • Additional Features: Waterproof, motion detection, two-way audio

The Sengled Floodlight Camera Motion Activated is a great all-in-one solution for a lightbulb camera as it features voice-over recording. You can use your tablet or smartphone to see, talk, and listen to what is going on, thanks to its two-way audio. It has a floodlight sensor and motion-activated warnings that can detect movements in 30-meter distances.

This model also has full-color night vision and a 1080P wide viewing angle, 24-hour cloud storage, and unli-live streaming with one of its subscription plans.

Subscription plans available (optional)On the pricier side
Full night visionMixed user reviews
Two-way audioSet up is on the difficult side

2. Symynelec Wireless Security Camera Bulb

Symynelec Wireless Security Camera Bulb
  • Camera Definition: 1080P video
  • Camera Coverage: 360-degree viewing angle
  • Memory Capacity: 8GB-128GB SD card included
  • Additional Features: Give motion sensitivity levels, two-way communication

The Symynelec Wireless Security Camera is an affordable light bulb camera in the market that gives you good value for money. It connects to 2.4GHz WiFi, and you can access its camera with an iOS or Android smartphone. It is very easy to set up and install as you normally would a regular light bulb.

In addition, its camera bulb adjusts to either side 180-degrees to ensure maximum coverage. The device also comes with an E27 power socket.

Portable and convenientNot waterproof
Connects to WiFi routersQuality not as good at night
Sends push notificationsNotifications may have delays

3. KingVision Full-HD Light Bulb Camera

KingVision Full-HD Light Bulb Camera
  • Camera Definition: 1080P surveillance; 1920×1080 image resolution
  • Camera Coverage: 360-degree panoramic view
  • Memory Capacity: 128GB card
  • Additional Features: 3MP HD camera, night vision

The KingVision Full-HD Light Bulb Camera is another affordable model that captures very high-quality footage. It has a fisheye lens that gives you a full 360-degree panoramic view, taking clear images. It leaves no blind spots uncovered and has 3 LED floodlights for night vision imaging.

Also, it automatically switches on IR lights for night vision functioning, so it can detect any movement. You can connect it to the WiFi to monitor your premises through the use of an app.

128GB SD card includedRequires cloud subscription
Two-way communicationPay extra for camera upgrade
Device can be shared with family members (up to five devices)Directions may be hard to follow

4. Meco Wi-Fi Bulb Security Camera

Meco Wi-Fi Bulb Security Camera
  • Camera Definition: 960p Video Capture
  • Camera Coverage: Wide view 360-degree camera
  • Memory Capacity: 16GB Micro SD Card (free), but can be expanded to 128GB memory
  • Additional Features: Night vision, 5 viewing modes, motion sensor detection, and alerts

The Meco Wi-Fi Bulb Security Camera made it to this list because of its appearance as a regular light bulb. It has a hidden camera light bulb, with a resolution of 960 HD. Its night vision radar has a range of roughly 25 feet.

You can also use an app to monitor footage remotely, and this bulb in particular has five different viewing modes so that you can see all angles simultaneously.

Automatic alerts for motion detectionNight vision pales in comparison to daytime capturing
Comes with a free memory cardLight may have the tendency to switch off
Expandable memory optionDoes not support 5G

5. COSULAN 1080P Security Light Camera

COSULAN 1080P Security Light Camera
  • Camera Definition: 1920x1080P
  • Camera Coverage: 360-degree panorama bulb
  • Memory Capacity: Cloud storage, and SD memory card (up to 128G)
  • Additional Features: Wireless connection, fisheye lens

The COSULAN 1080P Security Light Camera boasts easy installation and setup for you to start reaping the benefits of its 360-degree panoramic view immediately. It has a high resolution of 1920x1080P camera definition, and a led light bulb with 3 lights to keep it illuminated for night vision.

Its white LED light switches on when it detects movement or people, then switches off when they are out of frame.

Easy to set upOnly supports 2.4GHz
Dual lightingMay take a while to connect
Alert notifications in real-timeBulb is on the bulkier side

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if this type of security camera is right for you? Check out these frequently asked questions!

How does a light bulb security camera work?

Cameras are built into regular-looking and functioning lightbulbs for surveillance. They usually fit into any standard socket, powering the camera and the bulb at the same time.

How do I connect my smart bulb to my phone?

Most of the smart bulbs in the market today have apps that you can download onto your tablets or smartphones. From here, you must be connected to a WiFi network in order to make sure that you can monitor footage as it is captured in real-time.

Do light bulb cameras work when the light is off?

Bulb cameras can work whether the light is on or off because most of these devices have settings to work with night vision as well. You have control over the camera on your mobile device with the apps that may come with the bulbs.

Light bulb security cameras are great purchases for those who want to discreetly monitor their home’s security. They are multipurpose and relatively easy to use, making them fantastic options for anyone who is new to improve their home security throughout all seasons. Contact Security Forward today for more smartbulb 360 reviews!

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