Best Childproof Door Locks For A Family Home

Danger and accidents are present in every corner of your home, that’s why childproofing is crucial in keeping your kids safe. Childproof door locks are among the practical home safety gadgets that every parent must consider. Installing them is very easy, and they help keep children away from door-related injuries.

With a secure and reliable childproof door locks, parents can sleep soundly at night knowing that their children are safe. You can install these specialized locks in cabinets, cupboards, or drawers to keep hazardous substances or dangerous objects out of reach from your kids.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Childproof Door Locks

There are many childproof door locks available in the market. Before buying one, make sure to check the compatibility, assembly, and durability to get the best value for your money. 

  • Cost – Childproofing your home can be expensive. However, it gives you peace of mind and keeps kids safe and sound. There are many childproof door locks that come at an affordable price.
  • Installation – Installation varies according to model. However, installation guides are included on the package and if not, how-to videos are posted online.
  • Durability – Most childproof door locks can only hold so much. However, in terms of day-to-day use, these locks last long.
  • Integrations – It isn’t hard integrating a child lock with other home furniture or home designs because most of them have minimalist designs.
  • Edges – One of the things to consider when childproofing not having sharp edges to ‘avoid cuts and child accidents.
  • Weight – The weight of the locks is crucial. They shouldn’t be too light for children to remove but shouldn’t be too heavy to cause door damage.

10 Best Childproof Door Locks In 2022

We’ve rounded up high-quality childproof door locks. These child safety locks were reviewed and recommended for parents. These top picks are valued for their high-quality features.


$14.99Standard door knobPortableHighly-durable5.5″x2.5″x0.25″ metal plate with engrave

Heart of Tafiti
$9.99Standard spherical door knobsPortableAbrasion, breakage, and tear-resistant2.76×2.56″ round knob covers

Door Monkey
$12.981-3/8″ thick interior doorsRectangular door stop mouldingNo tools needed, easy install in secondsHighly-durableVersatile design

$14.99Standard door lever handlesPeel and stickGood for toddlers and curious children8.15 x 5.28 x 2.52 inches plastic

Safety Innovation
$9.791-3/8″ thick interior doorNeeds manual or installation guideHighly-durable‎5.9 x 1.9 x 3.9 inches white lock
Everplus Home$13.99Inward swinging doorsNeeds drill and screwdriverCan withstand 800 pounds forceMetal composition

$14.90Door lever handlePeel and stickHighly-durableMinimalistic design

Door Buddy

Fits any door (up to 7” wide)Peel and stick and hookBest for crawling babies and children10 x 1.5 x 0.75-inchesadjustable strap

Munchkin Xtraguard

Doors, cabinets, toilet seats, and more

Peel and stick and latch
Not ideal for forceful pushing, kicking, or pulling4x2x3″ frame with buttons on each side

Safety First Prograde


1 3/8″ lever handle doors

Easy to mount

Best for kids
5.63×5.63×2.88″ plastic lever handle lock 

1. Best For Privacy – Addalock

Addalock is an efficient door lock, not just for keeping kids away from places but in keeping things in order, overall. It also offers extra security and privacy, as it prevents unauthorized entry from the outside. This will safeguard your home when you are away on business trips or vacation.

  • Cost: $14.99
  • Compatibility: Standard door knob doors
  • Installation: Portable
  • Durability: Chrome steel body; highly-durable
  • Design: Bright-red metal insert; 5.5″x2.5″x0.25″ metal plate with engrave
Budget-friendlyPortableDurableNot ideal for other types of doorsCan be easily misplacedDoes not fit all locks

2. Best For Easy Installation – Heart of Tafiti Door Knob Covers

These covers work perfectly for kids who love to turn the knobs. It would take creativity to unlock the covers’ mechanism and open the door. The lock’s custom design also allows you to install it easily. If you want to remove it, all you need is a screw driver and you’re good to go.

  • Cost: $9.99
  • Compatibility: Standard spherical door knobs
  • Installation: Portable and easy installation
  • Durability: Abrasion, breakage, and tear-resistant
  • Design: 2.76×2.56″ round knob covers; white eco-friendly PP and TPR material; double-button, one on each side
AffordablePortableEasy to installMight not work with other types of door knobsAdults can also have a difficult time opening doorKids can easily take off the covers once they get the hang of it

3. Best For Design Versatility – Door Monkey

Thanks to its easy installation, budget-friendly price, and versatile designs, Door Monkey made the cut for the best childproof locks. It doesn’t need any drilling or taping, meaning no damage to your doors and doorframes. On top of that, you can put it higher so children won’t reach it easily.

  • Cost: $12.98
  • Compatibility: 1-3/8″ thick interior doors; rectangular door stop moulding
  • Installation: No tools needed; easy install in seconds
  • Durability: Best for little ones 
  • Design: Versatile design; monkey tail-like look
Easy installationAffordableProtects door from damageDoesn’t work with non-standard doorsComplicated to install in smaller roomsKeeps door ajar at all times

4. Best For Child Safety – Tuut Door Lever Lock

Tuut Door Lever Lock is an ingenious product perfect for tiny tots who can’t seem to stop pulling the lever door knobs up and down. Its design blends perfectly with other home furniture.

  • Cost: $14.99
  • Compatibility: Standard door lever handles
  • Installation: Peel and stick
  • Durability: Good for toddlers and curious children
  • Design: 8.15 x 5.28 x 2.52 inches plastic; adhesive backing; top and bottom buttons
Easy installationMinimal designEfficientCan be peeled off with the right amount of forcePriceyOnly works with standard lever handles

5. Best For Budget – Safety Innovation’s Child Proof Deluxe Door Top Lock

Babies and kids can get really adventurous. This product keeps kids from getting into restricted places. Installation is made easier with its quick-to-follow instructions. The product also comes with a wand for easy reach. Lastly, for its high-quality features, this childproof lock is affordable!

  • Cost: $9.79
  • Compatibility: 1 3/8″ thick interior door
  • Installation: Needs manual or installation guide
  • Durability: Good for the little ones
  • Design: 5.9 x 1.9 x 3.9 inches white lock
Budget-friendlyLocks standard-sized doorsVersatileInstallation guide is a little confusingDoesn’t work on taller doorsDoesn’t work on non-standard doors

6. Best For Durability – EverPlus Home Security Door Lock

EverPlus’ door luck ensures security not just for kids but from burglars and thieves. The lock can withstand 800 pounds of force for extra security. With its upgraded security design, this model is 12 times stronger than your regular deadbolt. 

  • Cost: $13.99
  • Compatibility: Inward swinging doors
  • Installation: Easy-to-follow guide; needs drill and screwdriver
  • Durability: Can withstand 800 pounds force
  • Design: Metal composition; smooth polished edges
Budget-friendlyDurableSleek designOnly works with inward swinging doorsNeeds drillingCan damage door frame

7. Best For Minimalist Design – Inaya Child Proof Door Lever Locks

This lever door lock is also an efficient product in terms of keeping kids away from restricted places. The lock works by blocking the lever handle with upward and downward motions. Its simple and minimalistic design can also easily blend with your interiors.

  • Cost: $14.90
  • Compatibility: Door lever handle
  • Installation: Easy installation; peel and stick
  • Durability: Good for kids
  • Design: Minimalistic design
Budget-friendlyEfficientLooks great with other home designsOnly works with standard lever handlesCan be removed easilyAdhesive residue

8. Best For Baby-Proofing – Door Buddy Baby Proof Door Lock

If you can’t keep out your kids from doors, let Door Buddy keep them out for you! If your toddler is always stepping over the baby gate in doorways, this lock is perfect for keeping them away from rooms. At the same time, it also promotes air circulation in the room.

  • Cost: $15.94
  • Compatibility: Fits any door (up to 7” wide)
  • Installation: Peel-stick-hook
  • Durability: Best for crawling babies and children
  • Design: BPA-free; 10 x 1.5 x 0.75-inches body frame with adjustable strap
Best for baby-proofing your homeAdjustablePromotes air circulationOnly works with doors up to 7” wideStrap can be cut by scissorsAdhesive residue

9. Best For Multipurpose Locks – Munchkin XtraGuard Dual Action Multi-Use Latch

This childproof door lock requires a dual-button operation to unlock, so kids with very little gripping power cannot open them. Its multipurpose design means that it can also be used for toilets, drawers, appliances, and more.

  • Cost: $15.94
  • Compatibility: Fits any door (up to 7” wide)
  • Installation: Peel-stick-latch
  • Durability: Not ideal for forceful pushing, kicking, or pulling
  • Design: 4x2x3″ frame with buttons on each side; flexible strap; adhesive at the back
MultipurposeAdjustablePromotes air circulationOnly works with doors up to 7” wideStrap can be cut by scissorsCannot withstand too much force

10. Best For Compatibility – Safety 1st Prograde Lever Handle Lock

Aside from the sleek design, this lock also keeps kids away from turning the knob. It is also compatible with most door lever handles. Following the lever’s mechanism works smoothly with the handle and a lock indicator.

  • Cost: $12.99
  • Compatibility: 1 3/8″ lever handle doors
  • Installation: Easy to mount adhesive backing
  • Durability: Best for kids
  • Design: 5.63×5.63×2.88″ plastic lever handle lock with strong adhesive backing and safety lock indicator
AffordableSleek designLock indicatorDoes not automatically lockAdhesive can wear off if wetIndicator can be damaged easily

Pros And Cons Of Having A Childproof Door Lock

Installing childproof locks can give parents peace of mind in keeping their children safe.  However, childproofing your home is easier said than done. And in some cases, there are also some disadvantages you should watch out for.

Keeps kids securedGives parents peace of mindKeeps kids away from breakable itemsLimit kids’ access to off-limits itemsAllows kids to play around the house with less supervisionCan get a little expensiveCan damage door framesTrouble with installationCould get in the way of moving around Sometimes the design clashes with other home furniture

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents who are interested in childproofing their home also have these questions in mind.

What is the best childproof lock?

No childproof lock is one-size-fits-all. Choose a door lock based on your priorities and needs. If your child isn’t big enough to reach or push hard, the average ones will work great.

Is it easy to install childproof securities?

Yes. Most childproof door securities are easy to install. Choose ones that come with installation guides.

How much pressure can a child lock withstand?

It depends on the product. Some of them can withstand force, while others are really just for tiny tots. If you’re looking for more durable locks, a smart door lock is also a viable option.

Childproofing is essential in securing your children against accidents. Safety Innovation’s door lock has the best value for your money, while Door Monkey is valued for its versatile designs. They are both affordable and don’t take much time to install.

Aside from door locks, installing a home security system will also help you sleep soundly at night. For more information, visit Security Forward to get the best advice on home or business security measures.

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