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Why Is Having Physical Security Measures Important?

Physical security measures aim to keep your facilities, assets, and people secure from real-world threats. These could be external threats or potential insider threats, e.g., environmental events or deterring intruders.  Physical security measures also act as the backbone for network and data security. 


Here are some major reasons to have physical security measures

Safeguards Your Perimeters

Safeguarding your perimeters is the first line of defense for your place. Physical security measures are required for tighter security. You can use electric fences, gates, access control systems such as keycards, PINs, entry codes, alarm systems to protect and control direct entry to your premises. 

Provides A Faster Solution 

A delay in calling the police during the security breach means losing inventory, property damage, injury, or even a loss of life. Physical security measures ensure minimal impact. Alarm systems automatically contact the authorities right when they are breached. Some alarm systems turn on loud with a siren and alert everyone of the forced entry. They can be installed on doors, gates, windows, etc. 

Prevents Criminal Activities 

Physical security measures like visible surveillance cameras and 24/7 video surveillance systems prevent criminal activities and violence. Anyone considering a criminal activity will think twice after seeing the cameras. 

Instills A Feeling Of Security 

It is important to have the knowledge of who, when, and why someone visited your place. Having all the records and physical security measures helps you feel comfortable and confident. Physical security measures are important to have peace of mind and not constantly worry about your workplace or home. 


Once installed, you should regularly check and maintain your physical security systems to ensure they are up-to-date and are working properly. 


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