What Is Physical Security Planning?

As a modern business owner, it is essential to work on facing and beating security risks you may encounter throughout the process. As technology keeps on advancing, you have to be ready to deal with smarter and more equipped threats. You can begin the process with a solid security management plan.


Physical security planning is an essential step in ensuring your business facilities and assets are secure. It involves deciding which security measures you must apply in order to prevent unauthorized access and threats like criminal activity, property damage, sabotage, espionage, and terrorism from harming your business.


If you want to start a physical security plan, here are some essential things you must consider first.

  • Identify the scope of your physical security plan. How many employees does this plan extend to? What are your goals in establishing this plan? Who will keep the reports and records on physical security?
  • Find the right people to implement your security plan. Think about who are the key decision-makers for your plan. Consider your most trusted executives, as well as a physical security specialist if your company has one.
  • Include technology. Security technology is quickly changing the came. Consider which among these tools you will want to use for your security plan.
  • Identify which physical security controls you will use. At this part, consider the physical access control systems you might be using, what the permission levels will be, and the credentials you will need to have.
  • Find your building’s key access points. Look at the most important entry and exit points of your facilities so you can focus on keeping them secure.
  • Define your monitoring and detection systems. A key part of security lies in monitoring, so decide on the video surveillance tools you will use, motion sensors, alarm systems, and similar tools you will use for your physical security plan.
  • Outline all of your physical security policies. Think about how you will handle actual physical threats. By outlining all types of incident response guidelines, your personnel will be handle emergencies and threats better.


If you want success in everything you do, it’s key that you take time in planning. With a solid and foolproof physical security plan, you’ll help your business stay protected against threats. 


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