What Is A Physical Security Specialist

If you want to start a career where each day can look differently for you and you can protect people and properties against untoward incidents, you might be perfect for a career as a physical security specialist.

A physical security specialist is someone who is responsible for keeping people and facilities secure by overseeing security systems, designing security procedures, responding to incidents, screening visitors, and conducting security checks.

As a physical security specialist, you can work in both the private and public sectors. According to Zippia.com, Fortune 500 companies, finance, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, transportation, and the federal government are the top employers of physical security specialists.

If you think this can be the path for you or your business is in need of one, here are the things you should know about physical security specialists.

Common Duties of a Physical Security Specialist

Physical security specialists focus on keeping unauthorized personnel from gaining access to company resources, facilities, and confidential information. Some of the tasks required of a physical security specialist are:

  • Apply the proper security standards
  • Train and supervise other security personnel
  • Conduct security inspections
  • Review facility security and provide recommendations
  • Welcome guests and conduct the proper sign-in procedures
  • Recommend plans on how to avoid theft, vandalism, or terrorism
  • Develop security policies
  • Prepare security reports
  • Install indoor and outdoor security systems
  • Ensure personnel adhere to security policies

Businesses today are exposed to risks and threats, which is why all sectors need security teams, particularly physical security specialists, to keep their personnel and their facilities safe.

Aside from hiring security personnel, check out this article on enterprise-wide risk management to learn more about protecting your business.

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