What Is A Physical Security Countermeasure?

If you want to practice effective security planning, you must be able to deploy the correct risk reduction methods that will minimize the consequences and vulnerabilities you might get from security threats. In order to do that, you can use tools and implement countermeasures to improve the security infrastructures and facilities of your business.


A physical security countermeasure can be described as an action taken in opposition or in defense against threats. Physical security countermeasures include signs, surveillance systems, key controls, locks, protective barriers, emergency telephones, electronic access control systems, and intrusion detection systems.


Here is a quick look at the types of physical security measures.


Security signs play an important role in communication, particularly for critical infrastructure and transportation facilities. They ensure that employees are aware of security requirements and they make known to everyone controlled and restricted areas to limit certain activities.

Emergency Telephones

Even decades ago, emergency telephones have been used as alert or alarm systems linked to control centers. Companies use panic buttons, intercom systems, and telephone boxes where monitoring personnel send in the proper authorities to help callers.

Protective Barriers

Protective barriers like fencing and landscaping are able to provide a layer of protection to property lines. Considering that you use the right placement and durable materials, fencing can reduce the risk of intruders trying to access the property.

Key Controls

Just as the saying goes, security starts and ends with closing the door and locking it. Locks are usually the first layer of defense against threats. Nowadays, there are manipulation-resistant locks you can use to add a layer of difficulty for possible intruders.


However, it might be better to see locks as a delaying device that gives you more time to prevent entry and call in authorities to protect people and property.


There are numerous physical countermeasures you can use to protect your property and personnel. Aside from those mentioned above, you can also check out how access control systems work and help effective building security management.

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