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What Do Hackers Really Want To Do With Your Business’ Data?

A while ago, when there were no computers, robbers mostly targeted the high-end shops with big guns. However, as things stand now, the hackers are the most feared with their high-end processors. But while you may think that hackers target top companies such as Apple and Amazon, you’ll be surprised that they mostly target small companies now. 

The simple question as to why hackers steal data is each data translates to money. And while most business data excluding the bank account information may at first seem useless to hackers, hackers now have a way of getting massive amounts from the “useless” data.  

How Your Business Data Makes Money 

Let’s start with a simple question of how your business data is essential to you. If you fail to access your business data in just a few minutes, you may lose the trust of your clients. You’ll also experience losses in terms of money and time. The hackers know this and use it against you. That’s why online security should be put in high priority among other securities needed on a business.

Once they get hold of your business data, they will start demanding ransom for getting your data back. If they know the value of our company, they will point their prices to a higher value. This will force you to negotiate for your data back as losing data halts your company’s operations. This is, of course, unless when you have backup information, but the customers’ data at the hands of strangers is also dangerous as they can be leaked.  

Also, you may think you have the upper hand as you have a backup of the data. This, of course, may be right, but they also have a backup plan. If you refuse to buy the data at a ransom, they will sell it to the market. It may be your biggest competitor or on the dark web. However, if you pay, they may also resell it, which presents a massive challenge to your company. Some hackers may even threaten to spill the information to the public, and if your customers know their data is not secure, they will lose trust in your company and join a competitor’s company.  

How can hackers access my business information? 

There are three ways in which hackers can gain access to your information. They are: 

  1.  Weak security systems-These include the use of weak passwords. Hackers are intelligent and understand how to try different popular password combinations until they work. If your company has been a target of these types of hackers, it’s time to use two-factor security authentication to access your systems.
  2.  Phishing-Hackers who use the phishing method targets your system via email messages. Here, a user may pose as a customer asking for information and provide links in their notes. The malicious links will grant them access to your systems. Also, ensure you have email encryption when sending confidential messages to company users to prevent hacker attacks. Most of these hackers also target your emails, especially those containing sensitive data.
  3.  Outdated security updates-Put it only, newer updates understand the behavior of modern viruses. If you use older programs, then you’ll be exposing your system to hacker-attacks.

Preventing Hackers From Accessing Your Data 

There are many ways of preventing hackers from stealing your information. They include: 

  1.  Use of strong passwords- Use passwords that include numbers, symbols, lowercase, and uppercase letters
  2.  Use good firewall policies, i.e., Use of VPNs for remote connections to avoid exposing your IP address
  3.  Download the latest antivirus software from the market
  4.  Use internet content filters that blocks some dangerous web traffic

Protecting your data from hackers’ access is more comfortable with the right guide. Follow our steps above to protect your data from security vulnerabilities. 

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