What Are The Three Parts To Physical Security Standards?

Physical security is the aspect of security concerned with physical measures designed to protect an organization’s assets and facilities. Access control, surveillance, and security testing are the three main parts of physical security standards.

Access Control

Access control is a security technique that governs who and what can view and use resources in a computing environment. There are different forms of access control in the corporate security industry. Locks, badge systems, and security guards are examples of physical access control, among others.


Surveillance includes everything from security guards, burglar alarms, and CCTV security systems to sound and movement sensors and keeping track of who goes where.

To maintain a holistic view of their facilities, companies can deploy far more sophisticated detectors such as proximity, infrared, image, optical, temperature, smoke, and pressure sensors in higher-risk locations.

Security Testing

​​Physical security testing entails simulating an intrusion attempt in order to identify flaws in your company’s physical security. This is distinct from other types of testing in that the target is not a cyber one but rather your physical location.

Successful and partially successful attempts to break into your premises will expose flaws in your physical security that criminals could exploit. This is critical information for improving your security.

Extensive perimeter controls should be able to keep out external threats, while internal access controls should be able to reduce the likelihood of internal attackers.

The three main components of physical security ensure that your physical security system includes both external and internal measures. In order to come up with an effective physical security system for your enterprise, make sure that you pay attention to all three.

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