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Vehicle Access Control Market Grows with New Auto Biometrics Features

Technology has evolved, and in its wake, the vehicle manufacturing industry has experienced the evolution first hand. Imagine not having to worry about carrying a key wherever you go. Today the technology has ensured that just the way you unlock your phone or house security system using fingerprint or eye recognition, you can access your car. Through innovative technologies such as biometric fingerprint ignition and facial recognition, the idea becomes a reality.

Many people have seen this technology in movies, but now it’s on the streets. Many companies are rushing to embrace the technology. Imagine getting into a car that knows you and adjusts to your preference. Through facial recognition, the vehicle adapts to you and is customizable to an individual who is the owner.

Most of the companies that are venturing into this market include the likes of; Hyundai, Xpeng Motors that have partnered with

Xiaomi company and are planning to roll out G3 electric SUV that comes with facial recognition door access.

The other car is the new Karma SC2 concept car. That boosts of facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, and eye recognition. It’s supposed to be a luxury car, and as such, it only has two doors.

Xpeng Company, which is also referred to as Tesla rival, is also introducing not so new technology cars, the G3, and the P7 electric sedan.

Both cars feature advanced computer vision systems, and a swiveling camera mounted on the roof. The former has an in-car camera and gesture recognition that are used to control the outside cameras, and it also has 12 ultrasonic sensors, 5 H.D. and one infrared camera(s), and radar tech. Users of these cars will be using facial recognition for vehicle access.

Byton Company, which is also based in China that is also focused on making so much change in the field of vehicle technology. The prospect of linking up your car with your life is high at the moment. Byton Company is focusing on ensuring that the vehicle uses your data and eye recognition to note any change in your health and also using the technology to control your house and other linked items while in the car.

These cars have not been launched in the USA market. But by 2020, after the launch of the M-Byte midsize electric SUV in China in 2020, then they will definitely hit the U.S. A market and Europe in 2021. Nobody doesn’t want the peace of mind and security that comes with this technology. The cars will offer hand-gestures and voice commands that will make it even easier for the disabled to drive around.

Technology has come to ease our life, and adopting it is the best way forward. Biometric technology will ensure that our cars are secure, and we are worry-free and keyless. The technology will also go a long way in ensuring that we are safe on the road.

All companies should adopt the change since the market is ready and waiting for this new innovation. We can’t wait to see how biometrics will function on the cars.

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