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Simple Ways to Protect Your Organization Against Cyberattacks

Recently, more and more people are getting concerned about the threats posed by cyber-attacks. And it certainly begs the question if enough is being done to prevent these from happening.

Businesses and governments have to be more proactive at mitigating the risks. Ideally, there should be an internal agency that accomplishes that objective.

There’s no denying that technology runs through every part of everyone’s lives and there are many different avenues to explore. In this article, we’ll discuss some cybersecurity tips that can be applied to these various avenues. There’s no telling how vulnerable the different organizations are to these kinds of attacks that could potentially influence the democratic process. However, they must test their security controls to make sure it’s extremely difficult for a threat actor to compromise them.

Don’t Click Suspicious Links

Most individuals need to understand the difference between phishing and spear-phishing, so they don’t fall victim to them. The best hackers in the world can launch cyberattacks and dive into lines of codes that the average person can’t understand. Without proper knowledge, someone can fall easy prey to this type of cyberattack. Opening the wrong email and clicking on suspicious links can become a hacker’s entryway. It is low-hanging fruit, but it works.

Be Careful of Pretext Calls 

Most companies aren’t aware of what is called pretext phone calls. In a nutshell, the attackers call people inside the business over the phone and trick them into giving information about their computer, like what software they’re running. They can also pretend that they’re from the IT Department to do something like a password reset.

Safeguard Your Website

If pretext phone calls and phishing attacks don’t work, then attackers look at Internet-facing websites. A lot of companies have portals that customers and partners could log into. And don’t forget that web applications are built with thousands of lines of code and there are always flaws. So what hackers try to do is find these flaws and exploit them to gain access to the company through their vulnerable web application.

 Employ Trusted Companies to Support Critical Infrastructure

There are companies that support critical infrastructure. They are responsible for deploying best of breed security controls. They also need to meet a certain standard to mitigate the risk. Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet to eliminate the threat. But what they can do is raise that bar extremely high to make it really hard for an attacker to compromise the infrastructure.

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