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Home Technology Trends to Look Out For in 2023

The world of technology is advancing at a fast pace, bringing us new, smarter inventions every single year. These trends can be hard to keep up with, but they’re improving daily life in many different ways.

One area 2023 technology trends are expected to expand is home technology. Part of this is due to the continual progress of technology; the other part has to do with the COVID-19 pandemic. The world has changed in many different ways during 2020. A major update has been finding ways to digitize our daily lives, and that has gradually trickled into the modern home.

Technology Trends
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Here are some home technology trends to keep an eye out for in 2023. You might find one of them greatly benefiting your household.

Home Security Gets an Upgrade

Home security has seen many different upgrades over the past few decades, and the industry shows no signs of stopping. Thanks to technology like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and 5G, home security systems have gone through numerous upgrades, with high-tech private advancements gradually trickling down to everyday people at an affordable price.

Smart home alarm systems have improved the way people protect their property against theft and break-in, while intelligent upgrades to surveillance equipment have made them self-aware. How so? Advances in technology have made it so security cameras can identify faces when they enter their field of view. This means that motion detector cameras will stop being triggered whenever a deer wanders into your backyard. Instead, you’ll only be capturing footage and storing memory when a human is seen on camera.

Moreover, technology is finding its way into other home security products:
● Fingerprint and face recognition locks are introduced to door, car, and garage locks.
● Ultra-protective door stoppers can be controlled with a Bluetooth key fob.
● Wireless surveillance systems store data to the cloud rather than an in-home external hard

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Integration of the Human Behavior

One of the premier implementations we’ll see in home technology is the incorporation of AI and IoT. But, in addition to the two of those, we’ll also see the incorporation of the Internet of Behaviors (IoB).

Similar to IoT, IoB differs in that this is an integrated neural network that allows businesses, products, and technology to track the behaviors of consumers. What does this look like? An app that tracks your personal fitness level, tech that utilizes facial recognition, location tracking software, programs that analyze what shows you most like to watch, and products that understand when you’re most likely to cook. It sounds overwhelming, but it’s an intelligent way for technology to further analyze how you live. By noticing patterns, it can begin recommending products that meet your needs to simplify your life.

Smart Technology Automates the Kitchen

Smart technology finds itself being integrated elsewhere. Automation is becoming increasingly popular, as it makes people’s lives easier by saving them from spending time on menial, daily tasks. One of the areas this is most often being implemented is in the kitchen. As it is, this technology can transform the way people live, allowing them to reduce stress while having more time for relaxation.

In the kitchen, we can expect to see this technology further implemented in the way we manage our supplies. One of the foremost ways this will be achieved is through the tracking of food freshness.

Many people struggle with food waste, either due to forgetting a product’s expiration date or simply buying more than they can eat. However, technology is taking on this issue to lessen how much food ends up in the garbage each year. Homeowners are now able to effectively track their food, whether that’s:

● Having a rotating list of product expiration dates
● Analyzing purchases, monthly wastage, and reminders to replenish certain products
● Planning future grocery lists based on past purchases and product usage

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. We’re also seeing technology implemented throughout kitchen appliances, too, whether in the form of smart ovens that can adequately determine the right cooking temperature for a specific dish, a coffeepot that turns on based on your daily activity, fridges that have voice-recognition software, and much more.

Upgrading Your Health

One of the ways we’ve seen AI be implemented in recent years is to the health and wellness industry, providing people with intelligent solutions to everyday issues such as fitness, dieting, and mental health. But the upgrades don’t stop at an app for your smartphone which helps you track and plan your diet.

Health and wellness technology has been gradually entering the home, too, where users can track basic daily health functions to determine their strengths and weaknesses, all while determining room for improvement based on their stats. Recent advancements we’ve seen, which will continue into 2023, include:

  • Telehealth consultation platforms for remote medical care
  • Sleep trackers that analyze the durations and depth of your sleep to determine if you’re getting enough rest
  • Nutrition apps that help you pick out a diet and stick to it
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Enhancing Your Mood

One of the biggest updates of the last decade was the development of smart lighting: lighting that could be controlled—turned off and on and dimmed—as you please, all through a physical remote. The solutions provided by these topics were incredible, as they made it easy for anyone to improve and manage their mood throughout the day, whether they wanted the feel of natural light in the afternoon or dimmed lighting for the evening.

But smart lighting has seen further upgrades in recent years, making it easier to manage the lighting throughout the home, with options including:
● Turning on and off lights when away from home, whether while leaving for a walk or to greet you upon coming home
● Controlling lights with voice commands, thanks to auditory AI
● Automatically regulating light by the time of day or daily weather reports

Home technology is expected to go through incredible growth in the coming years, thanks to advances in AI and IoT to home surveillance, kitchen appliances, and more. Jump on the trend before you get left behind, modernizing your home in mere minutes.

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