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High-End Estate Security

When it comes to protecting a luxury estate, it’s always better to be prepared. It won’t come as a surprise if there is a long list of security measures to protect it. Sometimes you’ll wonder if it’s all necessary.

In this article, we’ll talk about some extreme estate security.

Surveillance Cameras

Some estates can have as many as 20 or more cameras around the property. The types of cameras that are typically installed are a day-night camera, a forward-looking infrared camera, and ground surveillance radar. The only way to understand technology is by immersing in it.

Sofa Cushions as a Shield?

Because who would want to wear a vest all the time? There are custom-made cushions with bulletproof material that would protect your vital organs.

Perimeter Radar System

As a general rule of thumb, to be able to stop intruders, you need to recognize if you have intruders. To do that, there are cutting-edge radars that can see through fog, rain, snow and the dark of night. It essentially works like a stationary drone that triggers the perimeter cameras to watch the intruders.

In a nutshell, if the sophisticated radar system detects an intruder, it follows its every move. It even tells vital information like how fast the intruder is going.

These types of measures seem elaborate for estate security, but keeping trouble out of your home is the topmost priority.

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